Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories

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The Non Furry Stories that managed to sneak, bribe, intimidate, or otherwise convince Miavir of their worthiness to be in this Index ;-)


The Aftertaste of Dreams
Akhenaten & Aye
All Debts Are to be Paid in Full
Aster Hall
At the End of Time
The Bastard Operator From Hell
Bio-Illogical Warfare
Clothes make the ...
The Dragonriders
Duties and Responsibilities
The Experience
The Fantasy! System: An Adventure In Live Role-Playing
Fashion Statement
The Feast
The First Rule Of Battle
The Game
Harry 'n Cabbage's Summer Vacation
The Historian
Homer in Jeopardy
The Loner
The Lost City
Mistaken Identity
Night Lovers
Passing Fad
Poison in the system?
Small Town Justice
Storm On Cordonia
Twenty Questions with the Idiot Savant
Waiting for Her
X-Files We'd Like To See

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Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories