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Trinton Chronicles: New Genesis (with Anony Mouse) - Adult
When a boy from 84 years ago, a dark enemy from beyond time, a messiah on a mission, and the wrong group of destined people get together...Hell & Tan'arn are gonna collide in this action packed not too overly done (and not edited in chapter 7) story!

This was a story that came out of an RPG that was started in July of 99. Furry Inc. is the 'company' of people who recorded the story, corrected a good portion of it, and tried to distribute it. There are a lot of spelling errors and perhaps a few vexing things like constant scene changing but over all its a great story.

      Keywords:SF   Fantasy   Romance   Violence
 Species:Raccoon   Wolf   Fox   Cat   Dog   Kitsune   Weasel   Ermine   Red Panda   Demon   Angel

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