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Cinosanap of FurryMUCK


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Cinosanap Pumanther: The Dolby storiesM: [Mediocre]
The Cinosanap stories were an unusual thing. I wrote the first story cino1.txt for mere fun following a guideline. I was so pleased with it that I decided to write 2 other stories for a total of 3. To make them more interesting I decided to use them to fill in holes that were left in the first story. This would allow me to use the same main character without repeating the exact same story over. There did turn out to be problems. Story number two cino2.txt turned out to be very difficult. Of the three stories it was the one that had to abide by a timeline and story limitation. It still reads a bit too short for my liking.
  • The Left Channel: The Story of Home
  • The Center Channel: The Story of Health
  • The Right Channel: The Story of Love
  • The Rear Channel: The Timeline
  • The Mono Tone Sound: The Final Story
  •  Sequel:Cinosanap Meets a Stranger
          Keywords:SF   Transformation
     Species:Cougar   Panther

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