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The Strange OnesM: [Very Good]
This is a sci-fi, furry, adventure story that I have been working on for a while. It started as a concept for a small story that I could hack out quickly. However, as these things sometimes happen, it grew to encompass everything but the kitchen sink: nanotechnology, furries, unknown animals, guerilla warfare, and socio-political ramifications. As I result, I haven't finished it. I don't even have all I've written converted to HTML yet, but I'm working on that. I intend to get back to work and finish the story soon! I also have a couple of possible sequels in mind.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
    Another WorldM: [Very Good]
    I had given up writing for a while while, when I found Greg Howell's incredible beyond-SF pulp furry action adventure novel, The Human Memoirs. It had a tremendous impact on me, and prompted me to take up the word processor again. My first try was Another World.

    This was an attempt to take the typical, formulaic, fantasy novel and demolish it. Robert Heinlein already did something similar with Glory Road, but I thought I could do it better. Maybe I could have if I had stuck with it. This was the first time I wrote from a first person perspective, and it came easily for a while. Make that a short while. After dashing off the first chapter, I ran into a brick wall. I thought about it and decided the whole project was probably ill-conceived. For one thing, it turned out the most interesting part was not writing about the fantasy world, but rather dropping clues about the world my protagonist had come from -- a world similar to our own, but with some important differences.

    Zinn's Story
    "Zinn's Story" isn't so much a story as an introduction to the character of Zinn, who is an intelligent non-morphic cougar trying to live in a human world. Here she explains how she got that way. This could be the basis for future stories, if all goes well. This is set in the same notional world as The Strange Ones, but over 20 years later.
    Cinosanap Meets a Stranger
    Robert Kalin: In this story Cinosanap (from my stories) meets a human while she is acting as a scout.
     Prequel:Cinosanap Pumanther: The Dolby stories

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