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The Life of Faral - Adult
The Life of Faral is a progressive story--meaning that it probably won't end anytime soon, and that I continually add more chapters onto the end of it--and comes in "installments" called chapters. Each chapter depends on the storyline from the previous ones (not like the Journal Entries), so it is recommended to read them from start to finish.

These stories trace the life of a ferret named Faral, who's life has suddenly taken a dramatic change. Each chapter in this story will contain some sort of sexual contact. The type will depend on the chapter, and varies from M/mast and M/M to M/F and F/F.

If, for some strange reason, you don't find enough of what you want in these stories, wait a few weeks for the next chapters. Somewhere in Faral's life will be something you're interested in.

  • Chapter 1   Backup
    A Cold Night (M/mast)
  • Chapter 2   Backup
    The Day After (M/mast)
  • Chapter 3   Backup
    Happy Birthday (M/F)
  • Chapter 4   Backup
    Training (M/M - mast)
  • Chapter 5   Backup
    The First Day (M/M)
  • Chapter 6   Backup
    Feeding Time (M/M)
  • Chapter 7   Backup
    Inspection (M/F)
  • Chapter 8   Backup
    Another Buyer (M/M)
  • Chapter 9   Backup
    The Third Lesson (M/M)
  • Chapter 10   Backup
    The Last Day (M/M M/F)
  • Chapter 11   Backup
    Introductions (M/M)
  • Chapter 12   Backup
    Surprise (M/M)
  • Chapter 13   Backup
    Inspection (M/?)
  • Chapter 14   Backup
    Reg's Story (M/F, M/M, m/F, m/M, rape)
  •       Keywords:M/M   Masturbation   NC   M/F   Rape   Teen
    The War Series
    This set of stories started off as one stand alone (In the Paws of the Enemy). However, I got such a heavy response (ok, maybe not a heavy response) to it that I decided you furs liked it enough for me to continue with it. I like this setting personally, and enjoy writing in it a lot.

    Well, now for a quick description. The stories take place in a war zone between two races: the German Shepherd Dogs and the Rottweilers. They are bitter enemies and will fight to the last man to defend their race...or so it seems on the outside. Its a contemporary type of setting, but still, its fictional. Although I might make allusions to real parts of the world, its still meant to be an enjoyable read. Understand that I know that some of these things simply couldn't happy in real life. That's just one of the advantages of fiction writing, furs.

    The Village is the series that I made out of the original. You'll probably see some violence, rape, M/M and M/F. Otherwise, there's little yiffing compared to my other stories (although yes, you'll find at least one in each story). If you talk to my character Herloff on Tapes, he is from this story and so will act accordingly as if everything in it has happened to him. Be nice.

    War Series tales:
    In the Paws of the Enemy
    The Village
    In the Paws of the Enemy - Adult
    Part of The War Series.
          Keywords:M/M   Orgy   NC
    A Trip Into Time - Adult
    This is just one of those side stories that I write whenever I'm really bored and devoid of any other story ideas. Not that I don't like this storyline, its just not one that you furs seem to be really interested in. (If you are, then I seriously recommend that you page mail me and tell me so. That way I'll know to spend more time on it!)

    The story is about a male dingo named Jason Hunt who has been invited to take a trip into the past. The storyline right now has a definite ending that I have planned, but that can change depending on the response I get about it. I plan on keeping this as a M/F series, for all you furs that would enjoy that.

  • Part 1   Backup
  • Part 2   Backup
  •       Keywords:M/F
    A Surprising Night - Adult
    Upon request by somefur that was tired of seeing the little fox get beaten up by the big bad wolf. Zak, a fox, gives a wolf an unpleasant surprise during one of his night ambles in the park.
     Species:Wolf   Fox
    The Village - Adult
    WARNING: This story contains scenes of Extreme Violence and Torture that may not be suitable for even the most stable of minds. You have been warned. Although my stories can normally be twisted, this is Especially so! Just in case you haven't noticed, my depiction of war is far from romantic. Still, I think this is one of my most emotional works yet.
  • Part 1   Backup
  • Part 2   Backup
  • Part 3   Backup
  • Part of The War Series.
          Keywords:M/M   M/F   Teen   Violence   Military
    Wishful thinking - Adult
    Upon request, a story about Albrecht's mate, Airwolf, when he's feeling a little lonely.
          Keywords:M/M   Masturbation   Plushie
    Lost in the Hunt - Adult
    You guessed it, upon request/demand. This one's a master/pet story about a dog named Mal who gets lost in the woods chasing a fox. He soon finds, or is found by rather, a new master...
          Keywords:M/M   Violence   BD   Transformation
     Species:Wolf   Dog
    A Bad Day - Adult
    Ok, I tried to do the yiff scene in this story in a different way. More of a cybersex type of method that I have been seeing in stories lately. I don't know if it'll be successful or if it just doesn't work all that well. Please give me some feedback!
          Keywords:M/M   BD
    We've Waited So Long For This Day... - Adult
    Alone in the Dark - Adult
          Keywords:M/M   Teen

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