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Runaway's Gambit
A "furry" cyberpunk fantasy. My first foray into furry fiction, I've received a lot of positive comments about this one. A team of anthropomorphic cyberpunks takes a contract to find the lost son of a VIP (VIF - Very Important Furry? Who knows...), but somebody else is looking for him too, with very different intentions.

See also Avatars.

A Question of HonorM: [Very Good]
A bit of fan-fiction from TSR's Dragonlancetm RPG setting featuring my favorite Krynnish critters, draconians. After the defeat of the dark armies in the War of the Lance, the survivors of the Dragonarmies are left with nothing but shattered dreams and dashed hopes. Can they survive a world that would rather see them dead? I wrote this a few years ago for an AP English paper in High School. Enjoy!
The Moreau Project
My undergraduate senior English project. This is the working title of a novel manuscript I've been working on that combines a lot of my favorite subjects: biology, science fiction, computers, and furries. Check this one out and let me know what you think. This work is currently in progress, and kind of a long download, even for a text file.
The world of Allout Helter is an alternate Earth designed for a Live Action Role Playing game (LARP) by my friend Jim Shelley. It's full of magic, monsters, mayhem, battlesuits, computer hackers, secret societies, and open rebellion. Great place to write a story in.
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Avatars - Adult
Another furry cyberpunk fantasy starring one of the characters from "Runaway's Gambit." I wrote it for a friend. A lonely creature goes online looking for solace and winds up getting a bit of a surprise... but all works out well in the end. This story is definitely rated "R" because of the adult nature of its content.
The Long Road
More anthropormphic short fiction. Two friends for life are about to cross a threshold into the "real world." But there is one more thing they have to settle between them. I wrote this because I had promised one like it to a good friend of mine to help out a fanzine. While there is no sex in th story, I don't recommend you read it if homosexuality really, really bothers you. If it does, I also encourage you to get over it. Someone else's love is not our business.
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