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   Author:Anthony Lion

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Alias:Trygve Henriksen


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United Earth Chronicles

The Chronicles
Rrsh'Dhana's Diary
FangM: [Good]
The story that started it all. The war between Earth and the wolf-like aliens have been a stalemate for two years when a fighter crashlands... Not a war story, but a story about the past and the future, endings and beginnings.
Miavir: See also Rrsh'Dhana's Diary and Everyday. PDF Version available at The Raccoon's Bookshelf.
  • Chapter 1 : Broken Fang
  • Chapter 2 : Ice Breaking
    This chapter starts a few weeks after the events in Chapter 1. I didn't plan to write this chapter at first, but two things spurred me on; all the positive feedback, and the fact that there were loose threads dangling about...
  • Chapter 3 : Dara
    It's spring and a man's mind turns to... sailing?
  • PDF Version
  • One of the United Earth Chronicles.
          Keywords:Military   Slice of Life
     Species:Ape   Feline   Wolf
    Rrsh'Dhana's Diary
    A companion piece, starting when Rrsh'Dhana leaves home and ending about a week after the events portrayed in 'Fang'. I recommend that you read Fang first...
  • Part 1
    This is a parallel piece to Fang chapter 1
  • Part 2
    After reading chapter 2, did you wonder about what Rrsh'Dhana was doing all that time?

    A quick tip; don't read this part until after you've read Fang chapter 2, part 2...

    It also brings back an old friend, deals with a problem from her past and introduces a few new friends. (If that doesn't make you want to read it, well... Ok then, there's a few hints about SEX in there, also... :-)

  • PDF Version
  • One of the United Earth Chronicles.
    When Henri meets Anthony's latest 'find', everyday isn't that anymore... Read this AFTER Fang Chapter 3.
  • Normal Version
  • PDF Version
  • One of the United Earth Chronicles.
    Sailing on a different sea Needs Spellchecking
    This was the first ever furry story I wrote. It's bad, REALLY bad...

    I have decided to upload it for several reasons; to show that even if your first piece is crap there may still be hope for you, and also, the importance of an editor! It's also the reason that I use the alias Anthony Lion.

    I have NOT made any attempt to clean it up. It's EXACTLY as it was when it was abandoned a few years ago. I began writing it to get rid of some of the frustration I felt with the ongoing reorganisations at the office, the managements refusal to give me a decent pay, and a few other reasons. Unfortunately, I ran out of frustration before thee story was finished... (Or is that luckily :-) Anyway, I wrote it without a outline or plan, and have NO IDEA of what would happen next. I also have no plans to continue it, or even clean it up.

     Species:Ape   Feline   Raccoon

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