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   Author:Jason T. MartenTaur

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I am a 20-year-old writer living in San Diego, CA, and originally wrote most of my stories for the Transformation Story Archive Mailing List, so nearly all of them have some physical transformation involved. I am learning to draw (slowly), and enjoy composing music and MIDIs. You can look me up as Jason on FurryMUCK or find me on ICQ (#13855950). Comments, criticism and cries of anguish regarding my stories are always welcome.


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What Might Have Been
Introduces the character Vincent, and deals with possibilities that changing species eliminates.
Tale 35 of The Blind Pig Universe.
      Keywords:Slice of Life   Transformation
Backup:1 2 3
InventoryM: [Very Good]
When the owner of a magical shop takes inventory, bizarre things begin to happen.
From the Spells'R'Us Universe.
      Keywords:Transformation   Humor
 Species:Feline   Rat
Cold Rains of the Heart - Adult
This is a story about having and not having, about loneliness, and most of all about finding something in your life to really value. Unfinished.
Tale 81 of The Blind Pig Universe.
      Keywords:Slice of Life   Transformation   Violence   Language
 Species:Fox   Mouse   Weasel
Top of the Food Chain - Adult
A story about a deer hunter who believes himself to be at the top of the food chain.
      Keywords:Violence   Language
Never Too Late
A man tries to deal with the fact of his wife's death. Very short.
      Keywords:Slice of Life   Transformation
Nightsrynd - Adult
Four teenagers venture up onto a hillside on the nights when the spirits dance, hoping to have their wishes granted.
      Keywords:Fantasy   Violence   Language   Horror   Rape   Transformation   Teen
 Species:Tiger   Demon   Fox
A very much unfinished story about a woman who finds a town in which no one is normal.
Miavir:Which of course begs the question, is there a town where everyone is normal ? ;-)
When the Dark Winds Come
One of my best stories. A man who doesn't believe in silkies accepts a bet that he can't spend one weekend in a little-known Irish coastal town.
      Keywords:Fantasy   Transformation
Reasons For Fading
Why does happiness fade?
Tales of Gratuitous Transformation
Miavir:only borderline furry.
  • Tale 1 : It's Useless to Beat a Dead Horse Candidate
    The first in my Tales of Gratuitous Transformation universe. Good, nonsense transformations, without any of that ridiculous plot and character development getting in the way. Okay, so maybe they're not GOOD transformations, but...
  • Tale 2 : Not What I Mint
    Possibly sillier than the first.
  •       Keywords:Transformation   Humor
     Species:Horse   Gila Monster   Porcupine
    The Velveeta Rabbit
    Ever read the story of the Velveteen Rabbit? Well, this is the Velveeta Rabbit. He wishes he were real cheese.
          Keywords:Humor   Parody   Weird   Vorarephile
    Dandelion, Dandelion
    A short story about a boy who is given three dandelions. And everyone knows that if you make a wish on a dandelion and blow all the seeds away, your wish comes true. Things take a sinister twist when he makes wishes too hastily.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Transformation   Violence
    A sort of gothic werewolf story. Largely unfinished.
          Keywords:Gothic   Transformation   Violence
    The Little Mermaid 2 - A Parody Error
    A sequel (mostly parodies of the songs) to the Disney classic movie. If you're in love with the movie you may hate the parody.
          Keywords:Humor   Parody   FanFic
    Fragile Creatures
    A genetics-gone-wrong story told from a different perspective.
          Keywords:Transformation   Violence   Horror
    Hotel California - Adult
    A "creatively interpreted" story version of the famous Eagle's song.
          Keywords:Transformation   Horror
    How Mankind Lost His Fur
    A fable in the vein of the Just So Stories
          Keywords:Fable   Transformation
    The Last Resort
    A black comedy/murder mystery.
    Miavir:Not furry until the very ending (or so I've been told ;-)
          Keywords:Humor   Mystery   Transformation
     Species:Lemur   Cat   Parrot   Horse   Whale
    Mr. Harper Chats With God
    The Quiet Earth meets Terry Pratchett, with a touch of sacrilege thrown in.
          Keywords:Transformation   Humor
     Species:Squirrel   Insect

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