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The Blind Pig (with Anony Mouse)M: [Very Good]
"You are the genetic sum of all life that has proceeded you. Not just human life, but life itself."

Dr. Bryan Derksen as told to the bar

Miavir:A shared World Anthology dealing with a world of humans, furries, various shapechangers and even weirder beings.

The Tales:
Tails from the Blind Pig
Lady's Night
Standard Bar Fare
Splendor's Story
Splendor's Story - Afterword
Donnie's ground rules
The man who knew himself
To Know Another ...
A song of hand music
The Buck Stops Here
Wanderer's Ways
Wanderer's Story
Wanderer's Story - Afterword
Remember When
Single Parent
Days and Nights
The Best Medicine
O' Come All Ye ....
Tis the Season
Family Ties
Good Mojo
A Mugwump Wakes
At Days End
The Price That We Pay
The Sweetheart Clip
A View from the Fence
Hard Times
Quoth the Raven
What Might Have Been
A Wolf in the fold
Empty Spaces
Entrances & Exits
One last Night
When on Earth
A Fair Start
Off His Noggin'
Green as Grass
Butch And The Blade
Night Knights
Everything's Wild
The School
The Long Night's Journey Into Morning
Death Wish
A Simple Wager
Dog Star
The Country of the Blind
The Frog Prince
Go Unto Pharaoh
Angel of Mercy
Best Friends
The Best Medicine
Ravage's Story
Midnight, With Stars
Hate Springs Eternal
Memories of Chalkdust
Artist's Depiction of A Sparrow
Montreal Winters
Shadow's Box
Gabriel Descending
Sex and the Modern Snake
Sound of Mind
Death is Real
Stone Rose
Snakes and Ladders
On the Nile
An Evening Wherein Kent and Gabe Do Not End Up Going Out
The Rat in Abstract
Natural History
From The Babe's Mouth
Four Scenes from a Semi-Detached House
Cold Rains of the Heart
Ways and Means
This is a Box
The Thimble
Bittersweet Symphony
The Pride of Lions
Home Away From Home
A Miracle of Degree
The Promised Land
Piano Man
The Garden
Color Wheel
Sick and Sin
All Things Change
A Writer
Great Divide
A Time Machine
Backstage at the Passion
Wild and Crazy
The Otter's Wish
The Outsider
Gnade Street
Ranger Rick
More Human Than Human
A Quiet Night
The Gift of the Woods
Cat Fancy
A Worthwhile Pursuit
Against all Odds
The Duel
A Right Turn
The Stranger
Blue Summer Sky
Family Man
Tara's Story
Trying to make his way home
Under Cloud and Under Sky
To Console
Midnight at the Lost and Found
Spiral Bound
Stone Age
Milkweed Poison
Great Divide
A Time Machine
Winged Instruments
The Shore Line
Fairy Tale of New York
The Last White Night of an Unknown Voice
Behind Every Man...
The Edelweiss Killer
The Essence of Art
The Ethics of SCABness
Feeding the Multitudes
From the Depths
Graduation Day
Man in the Mirror
      Keywords:Transformation   Anthology
Tails from the Blind Pig
Miavir:Basic intro story for the The Blind Pig Universe.
Tale 1 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Splendor's Story - Afterword
Miavir:The Blind Pig regulars discuss Councilman Barnes fate.
Tale 5 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Donnie's ground rules
Miavir:Donnie finds it necessary to clean up his bar.
Tale 7 of The Blind Pig Universe.
The man who knew himself
Miavir:Stopped up plumbing causes a visit by an unusual and talkative plumber.
Tale 9 of The Blind Pig Universe.
A song of hand music - Adult
Miavir:Barnes is gone, Donnie learns something new, and Splendor finds a new place in life.
Tale 12 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Wanderer's Story - Afterword
Miavir:The rest of the bar is affected by Wanderer.
Tale 16 of The Blind Pig Universe.
O' Come All Ye ....
Miavir:Christmas at the Blind Pig, and other places.
Tale 21 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Sometimes, When We Dream - AdultM: [Good]
Miavir:For freeing Oberon from a trap, Melinda is offered a chance to find out what life in the Faerie Otherworld is like.
      Keywords:Transformation   Adventure   M/F
 Species:Fox   Mermaid   Dryad   Satyr   Ape
Requiems for the Shadow People - AdultG: [Good]
Raven Blackmane: This is the biggie, folks: the next chunk of TBP continuity. In 2032, homeless and indigent Scabs begin disappearing from West Street. Is it simply the transient nature of life on the bottom, or are there more sinister forces at work...? This is essential reading if you want to know what'll be happening in TBP in the future.
      Keywords:Transformation   NC   Adventure   Violence
 Species:Ape   Cockroach   Snake
Backup:1 2
The DuelG: [Very Good]
Raven Blackmane: One of the more interesting effects that has popped up in the aftermath of the Martian Flu is a sizeable demand by predator Scabs for a place to hunt -- not with knife, bow or rifle, but with tooth and claw. The sparsely populated nation of Manitoba, which really wasn't doing anything better with its land anyway, was all too happy to scratch that itch ... but this isn't your father's safari, tiger. Out here in the wilds of Canada, there's nothing between you and a cold, anonymous death save your wits and your abilities. Kevin Deenihan, a.k.a. Copernicus, has both in spades -- but when he runs up against one of the deadliest predators on four legs, far from help or civilization, will he have what it takes to escape with his life?

Highly recommended.

Tale 117 of The Blind Pig Universe.
      Keywords:Transformation   Adventure   Violence   Hunting   SF
 Species:Dinosaur   Bear

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