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Absolute Zero: Subjugate - Adult
This story contains sexual and macrophilic violence. Reader discretion should be discarded. Even more risque than Absolute Zero, so to speak, this story was largely written to satisfy my macrophilic tendencies.
 Sequel:Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero - Adult
By writing stories, I feel I am tapping into past lives, or maybe even future lives. One television show, Dinosaucers, has been instrumental in awakening saurian feelings in me. I have written this story which sort of picks up where Dinosaucers left off. I must warn you that it contains graphic violence and scenes involving sexual encounters with reptilians.
Miavir:See also Fox Cutter's Absolute Zero: Don't Dream It's Over for another story written in this Universe.
Final Devotion - Adult
A skeptical, atheistic Dinosorceror defies a local God, and the entire town pays the price.
      Keywords:Macro   Snuff   Violence

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