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Absolute Zero: Don't Dream It's Over - Adult
Miavir:A story set in the Absolute Zero Universe.
A Fox in the WorksM: [Good]
On an important note, there are current a three zip file archives (one for each year) of the series as a whole, which may be quicker to read than one file at a time. The third zip file contains a file called 'index.dex'. This is the index file of the whole series, and without it you'll end up lost.
Miavir:This story used to be named 'S1'.
Illustration for "A Fox in the Works"
  • Year One, The Song of Change
  • The whole Year as one Zip file.   Backup
  • It Begins Anew   Backup
    The writing exercise that started it all.
  • Back in Action   Backup
    My exile status is re-evaluated.
  • Old Friends, Yet Unsung   Backup
    Oria signs up as my side-kick.
  • Attack on the Person   Backup
    An attempt on my life.
  • Strange Things Afoot   Backup
    Talking to Oria, I get a short message from Jenner.
  • Assignment   Backup
    Jenner offers me an assignment for the HammerHeads.
  • Problems and Solutions
    Why exactly is going on in that strange head of mine.
  • Tickets
    Oria gives me her solution.
  • Vacation: Entry Point
    On to the Vacation!
  • Vacation: Meeting
    I run into someone very interesting.
  • Vacation: Night Chills
    By acident I discover Oria is carying Bliss.
  • Vacation: Days End
    Confronting Oria about the Bliss, I find something else out.
  • After the Move
    Moving the fold, after I move to CA.
  • Enter the Dawn
    Some information shows up, and it's time to bust some heads!
  • Out of the Frying Pan...
    I get my exile status removed, and land in something bigger.
  • Ideas and Repasts
    A hobby is looked into.
  • Back Where I Started From
    I move back to Spokane, and get some passing news.
  • Acquisitions.
    I get my ship, serial number 487-325-15
  • Repair Report
    The ship arives, and I start the repairs.
  • Strip Down
    Pulling apart the ship.
  • Lost Boys and Golden Girls
    The first realy long story. I get called to help solve a murder, and Oriana finds something interesting at the house.
  • Records
    Page and I find out some very interesting things.
  • System Start Up
    We finaly get the computer working!
  • Advantages gained
    Interesting things start to happen.
  • Revelations
    An old friend and lover arrives with some disturbing news.
  • Discoveries
    Page has made some disturbing discoveries.
  • ...And Into The Fire
    Well, all hell breaks lose, HammerHeads take over, and I end up playing Die Hard, and that's just part of what happens in this huge (185k, 5193 lines) 16 chapter epic misadventure!
  • The Song of Change
    A final wrap up, I set up a small base, and Oriana studies.
  • Fights and Battles
    Page and I get into a massive argument.
  • Redirection
    I go buy something, and Oriana runs into a friend.
  • Stumble
    A little blood...
  • Diagnoses
    ...from the fold...
  • Worlds Fall
    ...causes me...
  • Final Steps
    ...to lose...
  • Falling Down
    ...my world.
  • Cycle One, End
    Oriana asks a question, and gives me a small gift.
  • Side Stepping
    I take off to get my life in some kind of order.

  • Year Two, Standing on the Edge of Forever
  • The whole Year as one Zip file.   Backup
  • Honor and Rememberance
    I remember Becky and her life, as well as use Oria's gift.
  • Entries
    Sora enters the picture.
  • Departing
    Sora and I get rescued.
  • Decisions
    What Oriana is doing...
  • Claim Check
    Sora has her own problems.
  • Return Ticket
    Sora and I get back to Prid, and I get back to human.
  • The Bar Scene
    Oriana Looks up on old friend.
  • Steps
    I talk to Rachel and Page. And Oriana talks to Page too.
  • Backing In
    Another conversation with Marn.
  • Flashback
    My ship's ready to go, and my brain get's a little more wonked.
  • Dark Realizations
    We find out about Marn, and Oriana's life get's massively changed.
  • Conversation
    Sora and I talk, and I decide on her species.
  • Guilt and Trust
    Oriana goes to her temple to cleanse her soul, and takes me along for the ride. (Story #50! :)
  • Homecoming
    Oriana comes home!
  • Flight
    I take the ship out, we see the second one, and meet Burke.
  • Dealing with Things
    Pondering Burke.
  • Half a Doubt
    I figure out what Burke meant.
  • More Questions than Answers
    Burke shows back up.
  • Cram Session
    Making some plans, and talking with Oriana.
  • Final Exam
    Bad things happen in this one, bad things I say!
  • Cold Comfort
    A few conversations, and helping Oriana.
  • Helping
    Trying to decide how to help Oria.
  • Once More, Unto the Breach
    Another long story that covers old friends and new ones as well.
  • Crew Assignment
    The Brothers leave and Gadget arives.
  • Conversation
    Oriana and I talk.
  • Just Another Normal Day
    Bad samples, and a little romance. :)
  • Surviving
    Things to mourn about.
  • The Death of Worlds
    Two worlds are dying and Oriana and I are sent to capture the cause.
  • Decent of Fire
    Capturing a mouse
  • Adoption
    This one is just hard to explain.
  • Introspections
    Preparing for Naomi and thinking about myself.
  • Magic
    Naomi shows a few skills.
  • Target Assignment
    We're invited on a trip and Oria takes a contract
  • Standing on the Edge of Forever
    Mourning a lost world, and the final end of a love
  • Dark Fire
    Oria meets her target and our trip get's strange (part 1 of 3, Six Chapters)

  • Year Three, The End of the Innocence
  • The whole Year as one Zip file. (Plus the index file)   Backup
  • Cold Fire
    Oria and I deal with what has been done, and plan on how to return to the base (part 2 of 3, Six Chapters)
  • Distant Fire
    The plan is carried out, we go back to the base and things change. (part 3 of 3, Five Chapters and Epilogue)
  • Transient Events
    A bounce in my form and a few other interesting events
  • Those That Fight
    Of Mice and bombs (Really!)
  • Dinner Theater
    I meet Dwight over dinner, and we find a bit out about many a thing.
  • When All That's Left to Do...
    A vixen who can help with a mouse
  • The Long Fall
    In which I'm majorly transformed, very hostily.
  • Dream Stepped
    How things are going with my altered self
  • ...Is Reflect on What's Been Done...
    Oriana talks to Elena...
  • ...This is Where Sadness Breaths...
    Elena vists the Mouse, some history of Oriana's god and a few other intersting things.
  • Falls End
    Rhea wins.
  • Re-Awakening
    Well... some things get soloved...
  • After Shocks.
    What exacly has changed with me now...
  • Further Developments
    A run in with Burke and we finish moving
  • One After Another
    People just keep showing up. :)
  • Run Around
    We go after one of the things Grasion left behind, get stuck for ten days. I spend time as Rhea during it and something very imporant changes between Oriana and I.(Six Chapters) There is also a picture of Little Fox and Rhea.
    Miavir: A crossover with the Metamor Keep Universe.
  • The Day After
    Oria and I discuss what has changed between us.
  • Meeting the Guild
    We meet the Guild Elders, Oria get's mostly out of her contracts and she and I get closer...
  • Discovery and Disaster
    Finding out who Burke is as Newt is injured.
  • Causality   Backup
    Well, we find out more about why Naomi is aging and we decided to go camping the next time I'm Rhea.
  • Lost And Found   Backup
    Sora and I go searching for her old ship
  • Midnight on the Plain   Backup
    Rhea and I come to an agreement, and I talk with a unicorn.
  • At The End of the Day   Backup
    Talking with Sora, Oria works with her sister and we get a bed.
  • What's Left to Believe in?   Backup
    Talking with Naomi.
  • Reconstruction   Backup
    Jadith gets a new job and I change to a Fox again.
  • A God's Touch   Backup
    Thryn gives Oria and I a gift that changes everything.
  • ...Sadness for Everyone   Backup
    Ren and I go to Elena's world (with hir help), run into a nasty goddiss, find out things about Dwight and I end up in prison for a month...
  • The End of the Innocence   Backup
    A short trip so I could be Rhea for a bit, which ends up with people shooting and Oriana injured (story #100)
  • Medical Leave   Backup
    Oriana is recovering in the hospital, and Rachel outlines what's being planed.
  • The Realization of Understanding   Backup
    Back to myself, and having an interesting conversation with Grason.
  • Long Live the King   Backup
    The end of the Council
  • Periodicity   Backup
    Page goes home.
  • To Fill The Sky With Tears   Backup
    No comment
  • Bottom of the Well   Backup
    Talking with Jadith and some other strange things
  • Almost Unreal   Backup
    Oria and I officially become engaged, twice over. :)
  • Refracted%20Light   Backup
    An interesting solution to the problems with Rhea.
  • Personal Adaptations   Backup
    A late night, and getting used to my fem-form.
  • Intelligences Report   Backup
    Talking with Elena
  • Out Shopping   Backup
    Oria and I are out shopping for some assorted items, which leads to a few interesting encounters.
  • The Gathering of Friends   Backup
    My frinds and I get together for a dinner, and I tell them about the unicorn.

  • Year Four, Mirror Cycle
  • The whole Year as one Zip file. (Plus the index file)   Backup
  • Family Decisions   Backup
    Finaly getting a chance to talk to Rachel
  • Idle Talk   Backup
    Talking with Oria about Religion and the kids.
  • Unexpected Answers   Backup
    Helping Sora with some of her own problems.
  • Solitude   Backup
    Remembering old friends, and discovering something wonderous. There is also a picture of The Arch.
  • More Good News   Backup
    News on Cain, and other things
  • A Simple Answer   Backup
    Rhea comes to the rescue with the solution to the family arrangments.
  • A Complex Answer   Backup
    Rachel and her problems, past and present.
  • Around the House   Backup
    Morning at home.
  • More to come

  • Index   Backup
  •       Keywords:SF   Adventure   Mystery   Spelling
     Species:Fox   Lion
    One last Night
    Tale 39 of The Blind Pig Universe.
    Employment OpportunitiesM: [OK]
    Miavir:How can Harold help the proprietor of Spells'R'Us ?
    From the Spells'R'Us Universe.
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    The Golden Light
    It's the end of the world, and things aren't exactly as you might expect. With the population wiped out by a plague, the world is trying to rebuild in the year 2019.

    Things are never that simple though, first there is the sudden and impossible appearance of a second moon in the sky. Then there is the apparent magic flooding back into the world, along with some very nasty besties. Add to this The Golden Light, that sweeps across the world, transforming any it touches, and you've found yourself something very interesting.

          Keywords:Transformation   Post-Apocalyptic
     Species:Mouse   Raccoon   Ape   Tiger
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Objects is one of the more intersting stories I've done. Re-writing once so far, it's about a human and a dragon, and a trip they take together over a single week. The reasons behind each one for this trip are some times clear, other times hidden.
    Apprentice Inept (with Stephen Hutchison)M: [Very Good]
    The story of Foxeris the Inept and his apprenticeship to Frinklan the Obscure.
  • Introit   Backup
  • Convocation   Backup
  • Homilies and Lessons   Backup
  • Offerings   Backup
  • Consecration and Transubstantiation   Backup
  • Interlude II: Bridge Over the River Sty   Backup
  • Shared Host
  • Changing Vestments   Backup
  •       Keywords:Fantasy
     Species:Fox   Otter
    The Secrets in Truth (with Charles Matthias)
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.

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