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Sailor Moon Saves the Furries (with Julie Herron)
This is a story that combines the two coolest fandoms on the Internet: Sailor Moon and Furrydom. You will enjoy this story no matter which one you like the best.
      Keywords:Sailor Moon   Fantasy   SF
Deja Vu! (with Julie Herron)
The first planned sequel to Sailor Moon Saves the Furries. Scrapped mid-project. PG Just a bit of bad language and violence.

Illustrations to this story @copy; 1997 Julie Herron: 1 2 3

      Keywords:Sailor Moon   Fantasy   SF
I Awoke (with Julie Herron, Mordecai Baldwin)
In retrospect, I can't belive I wrote this. I'm sorry to include Julie Herron and Mordecai Baldwin's name on it. But, I can't be a chooser.
      Keywords:SF   Fantasy   Transformation
The Day (with Julie Herron) - Adult
It's a story of a man named Rod! Who... Oh well, you better read it. PG-13 (M/F, implied) (P.S. - To all you furverts out there: This is probably as close as I'll get to furotica. If you was expecting something, then you maybe need to check out another page (and into Charter)).
The Global Warrior (with Julie Herron)
Once upon an English Assignment kinda scary, as Julie pondered hoping Don she'll marry. She came up with this Series. Basic Premise: An Anime world, where an alternate universe tries to take ours over by changing us into animals. Only one girl can help. GLOBAL WARRIOR JULIE! This would make a great series. What are you laughing at?
  • Global Warrior 1: The Warrior
    Julie finds she has a new power and some strange game is afoot. Written by Julie Herron Alone.
  • Global Warrior 2: Red Zone
    Julie meets some new friends and destroys another threat to our world. With Julie Herron.
  •       Keywords:SF   Fantasy
    The Louis Lightpaw Anthology
    Louis Lightpaw is my character. He called me up one day and told me to compose a narrative about his adventures for the furry world. What follows is his tales.
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  • Government Report #2223 (Summary)   Backup
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