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   Author:Andrew Nellis

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Alias:Poison Pen
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That's Amore - AdultM: [OK]
As a general rule I would rather rip my spleen out with a fondue fork than write about angst-ridden vampires and their neo-gothic ilk. However, I wrote this story as a result of a request, and I have to admit that I am pleased with the result. Arooooo!
      Keywords:M/F   Gothic
Shoggoths and Swashbucklers (with Simon Leo Barber) - AdultM: [Very Good]
The following 2 stories are part of an ongoing (if slow) collaboration on the alt.sex.cthulhu newsgroup. The story which sparked it off, "Cthulhu Cheerleader Massacre" by one Darcthyus, is NOT one I personally wanted to keep on my hard discs, it was giving Elder Monstrosities a bad name. In my own opinion.
Miavir:And of course, Elder Monstrosities need all the good press they can get. <smirk>. An unfinished collaboration.
Tales of Toho Academy
      Keywords:Adventure   Gothic   Horror

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