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The Cuteness That Came To AsgarthM: [Very Good]
A H.P.Lushcraft story, transcribed and re-typed by Simon Barber, 1995.

WARNING. This story contains scenes of explicit and gratuitous Cuteness. Specific Life Insurance cover should be arranged before reading.

      Keywords:Gothic   Romance   Plushie
Plaything Of The Damned - a Plushie Tale.
This is set in the Toho Academy timeline, and fits into their history at about the same date as Sea Vixen. It's the year 2036, in other words, and the future is furry but grim...
Tales of Toho Academy
      Keywords:Plushie   Gothic   Horror
 Species:Panda   Bear
Backup:1 2
My Elder Brother - AdultM: [Very Good]
An Eldritch Tale, compatible with the "Toho Academy" series.
Tales of Toho Academy
 Species:Goat   Demon   Bear   Rabbit
Hesgathorpe's Model
      Keywords:Gothic   Plushie   Horror
 Species:Dog   Skunk
The Princess Bride(Groom) (with William Ellsworth Haas the Second)
This is a longish tale I produced last year, in collaboration with Ashtoreth. It co-stars his Chaotic Neutral (Heading towards Chaotic Evil on a bad-hair-day) hermaphrodite foxes, Arial and Mnemora.

I'd decided to write a fun tale of no redeeming social or moral value whatsoever, and this is what happened . It's somewhat R-rated in places.

      Keywords:Gothic   Plushie   Hermaphrodite
Sea Vixen
This is Sea Vixen, my own Furry/Anime/Manga, first printed on alt.fan.furry. As it's set in the Toho Academy anime setting, I hope it'll find favour with a few Japanimation fans - the manga I draw is rather harder to get hold of. If you're interested, email !
  • Chapters 1 & 2
  • Chapters 3
  • Chapters 4
  • Chapters 5
  • Chapters 6
  • Chapters 7
    (Miavir: Looked slightly broken when I tried it. Don't complain to me about it)
  • Chapters 8
  • Tales of Toho Academy
     Sequel:Eldritch Hop
          Keywords:Anime   SF
     Species:Fox   Cat   Mink
    Eldritch HopM: [Very Good]
    The further adventures of the Toho Academy Bunch.
  • Chapter 1
    (Miavir: Looked slightly broken when I tried it. Don't complain to me about it)
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Tales of Toho Academy
    Dreams In the Plush House
    From the notebooks of H.P.Lushcraft.
          Keywords:Gothic   Plushie
    Loving the Alien - AdultM: [Good]
    Miavir:Story name assigned from it's filename. Miko gets to know some VERY unusual aliens, and tries to help them.
          Keywords:SF   M/F   Voyeur
     Species:Sheep   Insecttaur
    Shoggoths and Swashbucklers (with Andrew Nellis) - AdultM: [Very Good]
    The following 2 stories are part of an ongoing (if slow) collaboration on the alt.sex.cthulhu newsgroup. The story which sparked it off, "Cthulhu Cheerleader Massacre" by one Darcthyus, is NOT one I personally wanted to keep on my hard discs, it was giving Elder Monstrosities a bad name. In my own opinion.
    Miavir:And of course, Elder Monstrosities need all the good press they can get. <smirk>. An unfinished collaboration.
    Tales of Toho Academy
          Keywords:Adventure   Gothic   Horror
    Strike Angel
    Miavir:Things have gone downhill for Strike Angel Azamael, once the proud deliverer of 'divine intervention' and other destruction, now bored and waiting for orders to do his job. But maybe things can be changed ...?
    Miavir:A parody on Christian religion, if such offends you, do not read. You have been warned.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Parody
    The Fluff At The ThreshholdM: [Very Good]
    Being a H.P.Lushcraft story
          Keywords:Gothic   Plushie
    Toho Academy
    Miavir:An adventure Game for the PC. Don't ask me questions about it, I haven't played it, nor am I likely to, not having a PC.

    Note also these tales taking place in the Toho Academy timeline or using characters therefrom:
    Sea Vixen
    Eldritch Hop
    Shoggoths and Swashbucklers
    Plaything Of The Damned - a Plushie Tale.
    My Elder Brother
          Keywords:Program   Anime   SF
    At The Mountains of CutenessG: [Good]
    I just finished my latest H.P.Lushcraft tale of Cute Fluffy Horror... Beware, your Sanity Points are NOT insured against this one .... 8)
          Keywords:Horror   Gothic   SF   Fantasy   Military   Plushie
     Species:Wolf   Boar   Badger   Cat   Fox   Poodle   Polecat   Demon   Inanimorph

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