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Heart of the Lion - Adult
Wulf the Freelance, all-around fun-loving guy, ships out with the White Emperor's invasion fleet and comes to grief facing the heroic Sholanti, African-style warriors based loosely on the Zulus. The sole survivor of the massacre, he finds love and lots of hot sweaty sex in the arms of the warrior-babe Ushandra, then departs for home, only to be magically transformed into a lion-man, get it on with a pride of horny lioness-women, and run afoul of a multi-armed, daemonic sex-vampiress. And to top it all off, he gets captured and sold as a slave. This one's got M/F sex in abundance, as well as a cool M/F/F/F/F/F scene in which none of the participants are human, and some kind of non-consensual stuff in which Wulf gets chained up and ravished. It's okay, though, cuz he's the hero, and ends up getting even big-time. Too much fun, huh?

Warning: This story is for Adults only. If you're under 18, or dislike reading stories of that nature, do not read.

 Sequel:Jungle Moons
      Keywords:Fantasy   M/F   IIMYI   Rape   NC
 Species:Lion   Lamia
Jungle Moons - Adult
Transformed into the shape of Chuma, the lion-man, gifted with an unquenchable libido and an exceptionally large -- ahem -- personality, Wulf is forced to perform for Countess Xylara, albino minx, and her slave-girl Alrynna. Poor bastard... In his exposure to the corrupt and decadent land of Xesh, Wulf also gets it on with Xylara's sister, Nineh, and helps stop a palace coup from overthrowing his "mistress." This one's got the usual mf stuff, made all the more intriguing by the fact that Wulf is a lion-man for almost the entire story, along with some intense bdsm elements, lesbian incest, sex in the garden, sex on shipboard, sex in a tent, sex in the parlor, and so on and so on.

Warning: This story is for Adults only. If you're under 18, or dislike reading stories of that nature, do not read.

 Sequel:The Red and the Green
The Red and the Green - Adult
Leaving Xesh (and not a moment too soon), Wulf is next caught up in the great war between the orcs and their dark elf allies on one side, and the snotty, arrogant high elves on the other. He has to deal with the multiply-pierced and thoroughly perverted dark elf Lady Thae'lynn, who keeps a menagerie of animals for special occasions, her daemon-lover Mazzor, the orc Chieftain Thrazz, various daemonic creatures, a black unicorn (created from a regular unicorn by using some very sick sex-magic), and legions of green-skinned humanoids. On the good side, Wulf gets to have sex with a beautiful elf druidess, a winged sky-babe, and some cunningly animated statues. This one has more standard hetero stuff, along with some bestiality and group sex, but then what's life for but to enjoy?

Warning: This story is for Adults only. If you're under 18, or dislike reading stories of that nature, do not read.

 Sequel:All Soul's Night
All Soul's Night - Adult
With his lion-man/slave/elf war days behind him, Wulf journeys to the sorcery-hating land of Litharna to fulfill an old debt. There, he encounters a well-endowed barmaid, her jealous husband, a pair of hot vampire-women, and their master the Vampire-lord Thazar. He also, whether to his delight or chagrin he doesn't know yet, meets the sorceress Livia, who is sure to cause him all sorts of grief, but at least makes the day pleasant by banging him under a waterfall.

Warning: This story is for Adults only. If you're under 18, or dislike reading stories of that nature, do not read.

 Sequel:Night in Vosgraad
The Demon Crown - Adult
Livia the sorceress returns with a vengeance, along with her lover, the demoness Narisha. The lusty Narisha has an offer for Wulf, one which he dares not refuse. This is actually the first Wulf story I wrote, three years ago while snowbound in Colorado. I've tweaked it a bit to bring it into line with the other tales, which chronologically precede it. Other stories, notably "Night in Vosgraad" and "Stormking" will fill in the gap between "All Soul's Night" and "The Demon Crown".

Warning: This story is for Adults only. If you're under 18, or dislike reading stories of that nature, do not read.

Night in Vosgraad - Adult
Back in Litharna, Wulf is having a hard time forgetting the hot-blooded but innocent-looking Livia, and has to deal with an embarassing bout of impotence. Unbeknownst to him, however, the demon-assassin Ilvraxx has been hired to rid the world of Wulf the Freelance, which he attempts using his shape-changing nightshades, creatures capable of taking the form of whatever their victim desires most. He finds allies in the tattoo-decorated Rhiann and the drunken, slightly dim, dwarf (but then aren't they all?) Udo. Not entirely happy with this one, but what the hell, there it is...

Warning: This story is for Adults only. If you're under 18, or dislike reading stories of that nature, do not read.

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Stormking - Adult
A projected long tale.
  • Part 1
    Wulf is hired to escort and protect a snotty elf noblewoman who thinks he's lower than pond scum. On the way to get her, he has the misfortune of watching his beloved Livia get nailed by two of her friends (and he doesn't get to help), then encounters Li, the tiger-babe, who swings a mean sword.
  • Part 2
    The epic continues with a perilous sea journey, a terrifying shipwreck, and a ratty little ratling sidekick named Squitter. Wulf and Li get it on, Theanna the elf noblewoman's secret is revealed, she meets and falls hard for one Lothaera, renegade elven sorceress, and Li meets one Tanu, Wolfen tamer and possible boyfriend. Oh yeah, Li also gets tied up. For the moment, this file's in .txt cuz I'm too lazy to do html, but that will change. Keep an eye out for the next thrilling chapter.
  • Part 3
    Part Three moves us closer to the inevitable - pardon the pun - climax. Wulf unsuccessfully fends off the attentions of the pirate captain's wife and daughter. Li and Theanna find love, or at least sex. Wulf is saved by the brooding orcish bosun, Skrall, and formulates a plan. The Stormking's schemes unfold further. Theanna, Li, Lothaera and Tanu share intimate pleasures. Hang on - the conclusions's just around the corner...
  • Part 4
    In the thrilling conclusion, Wulf experiences one last fumble with pirate gal Danni, Theanna chooses between honor and survival, Li shows Tanu who the boss really is, and Livia meets Captain Skrall and decides she likes green meat. We also meet Shardinn the reluctant wizard and elvish admiral Nae'mitz, and fight alongside the forces of light and justice against the Stormking's daemon-minions. Wulf is reunited with his beloved Li, finds that Theanna has decided that she really likes him. Livia tries the orc/wolfen combo, and we find out who is REALLY behind the Stormking's machinations (probably won't surprise anyone, but what the hell...).
  •  Sequel:The Demon Crown
    Nemesis - Adult
    Part one of another thrilling multi-part epic, this tale chronicles the return of Lady Thae'Lynn and her diabolical plans for world conquest, as well as sex with just about every living thing she can get her mitts on. Using a group of exiled elves, she goads the Elvish Isles into war with the rest of Thystra, then plans to step in and pick up the pieces. Wulf and company get involved, albeit reluctantly. This one has it all -- sex in all its lavish forms, from normal hetero to lesbian elf dildo bondage (I HAD to use that phrase somewhere).
     Sequel:Dragon's Eye
    Dragon's Eye - Adult
    Close on the heels of Nemesis comes "Dragon's Eye," (yeah, I know I promised that I'd write "Mark of the Zombie" next, but it never really caught fire) in which the plot thickens. Thae'Lynn's nasty subordinate Vaenetha persuades the elvish commander to go use something called "The Dragon's Eye" (hence the catchy title), which leads to a dreadful disaster. Wulf meets up with a couple of stoners who go by the name of Jae and Violent Bahb (check that out, all you "Clerks" fans), a very sexy spy of the female variety (based on your author's favorite webcam girl), a couple of real perverse women (natch), and a multi- orgasmic barmaid who actually seems to like him for who he is (or so Wulf thinks). All this while infiltrating the evil Thae'lynn's secret army. Sheesh, will his travails never end??
     Sequel:Jungle Goddess
    Jungle Goddess - Adult
    The focus shifts to our intrepid ladies -- Livia, Narisha and Daedora the renegade dark elf -- as they sail to Xesh in an attempt to destroy the Dragon's Eye and break the elves' stranglehold on the realm. There, they meet up with Duchess Xylara, who is just as twisted as ever, but now has become a very important person. And oh, yes, they also meet a very cute elf sorceress named Maeth, leading to the discovery that she, Narisha and Daedora have been chosen as representatives of the Jungle Goddess, who has plans for the realm. This is my attempt at what the adult film industry calls an "All Girl" feature, and has lots of hot lesbian sex in various combinations and permutations. It's also got an evil sorcerer who looks kind of like Marilyn Manson, and this character's ultimate fate should pretty much explain the author's feelings about THAT particular artist.
     Sequel:Gates of Steel
    Gates of Steel - Adult
    Well, Wulf has stuck his foot in it this time. His loyal barmaid goes psycho, he goes apeshit on his female commander (and she loves it, so it isn't really nc), he attends an officer's reception that degenerates into an orgy, and finally comes face-to-face (well, face-to-something) with arch-nemesis Thae'lynn. Armed with privileged information, he meets some new allies and watches as Jae and Violent Bahb make fools of themselves. Surrounded by evil and treachery, Wulf begins to doubt his own morality and strength, but then there's always a ray of light in the darkness, isn't there? The saga continues.
    A little break in continuity here... This is a story from Wulf's early years, when he was but a callow youth, captured and sold like a common cow, by a sexy Wolfen slaver named Akumi. Well, he doesn't stay sold for long, so don't worry about it. I thought it was time to get back to short stories again, so I threw this into the mix. Let me know what you think. Now, back to the epic...

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