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Barken, TX (with Anony Mouse) - Adult
So what is Barken? It's a community populated by people who shapeshift into dogs.. or dogs who shapeshift into people.. maybe a creature that alternates its forms between canine and human would be a better description. Despite this being the ideal setting for a Stephen-King-like horror series, the intention isn't one of horror so much as humourous fantasy fiction. The residents of Barken aren't werewolves so much as people with an alternate lifestyle. Dogs and humans are both urban animals, and it follows that a dog-human could handle the pressure of living urban far better than say a wolf-human, or an eagle-human ever could. The compatibility is there. Sometimes this might make for awkward social graces here and there - maybe not sniffing butts, but definitely leaning over to smell trees, not to mention the interesting curve-balls puberty could throw at a shapeshifter - but nobody's perfect, right?
Miavir:A shared world Anthology.
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  • The stories
    Fantasy Games
    Carter Stirling
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    Doggin' It
    A Shattered Pane of Glass
    Brownsville Turnaround On the Tex-Mex Border
    Dr. Joey Vermiclin
    Water From Sand
    It's a Dog's Life
    Red Tide Rising
    School Daze
    Beyond the Stroke of Midnight
    Barken's effect on American culture
    A Friend in Need
    A Dog and Her Man
    The day trippers
    The end
    A Tale of Two Wolves
    I had to write a fairytale for German homework and I couldn't resist chucking some shapeshifting in there. It's given here in the original German and translated English versions - I left the German in so Faithchaser, Arctic and the rest of the German weres can laugh at my terrible German.
          Keywords:German   Fairy-Tale
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    From Dusk Till Dawn - Adult
    (not the movie)
    Story 3 of Barken, TX.
    Brownsville Turnaround On the Tex-Mex Border - Adult
    Story 6 of Barken, TX.

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