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Paladin Tales - Adult

The Tales:
To Dance
The Third Element
Payback's are a Bitch
A New Day
The Bitch is Back
To Dance - Adult
Captain Thomas and his pet, Sean, have some fun playing with an interesting new toy.
Tale 1 of the Paladin Tales.
 Sequel:The Third Element
      Keywords:M/M   BD   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Toys   Romance   SF
The Third Element - AdultM: [Good]
Hlia gets curious about the games Thomas and Sean play. She finds out everything she wanted to know (and then some).
Tale 2 of the Paladin Tales.
 Sequel:Payback's are a Bitch
      Keywords:M/M   M/F   Anal   BD   Oral   SF   Teasing
 Species:Cheetah   Lion
Payback's are a Bitch - Adult
Formal bonding between Thomas and Sean is discussed. Sean's background is revealed. Thomas meets up with an old Navy friend. And Hlia has a little revenge for things that went on in "The Third Element". Also includes an alternate ending now.
Tale 3 of the Paladin Tales.
 Sequel:A New Day
      Keywords:M/F   M/M   Oral   BD   SF   Teasing
 Species:Lion   Cheetah   Wolf
A New Day - Adult
Waking up with Thomas and Sean. Strange developments in the relationship between Thomas and Hlia. ...And more sex as a result.
Tale 4 of the Paladin Tales.
      Keywords:M/M   Oral   BD   SF
 Species:Cheetah   Lion
The Bitch is Back - AdultM: [Good]
Failed attempt at writing a Paladin Tales novelette. The various short stories here where salvaged from the project and basically constitute another series within the Paladin Tail series.
  • The Bitch is Back
    This first story was to have been the opening of the novelette and features another "getting up in the morning" scene with Sean and Thomas.
  • Teaser
    Sean and Thomas killing time together while on leave.
    Miavir: Also, unfinished and not ready yet.
  • A Leonine Interlude
    Hlia and Varen (a younger lion friend) enjoy some time together while she is on leave.
  • Who got Who?
    While the Paladin is still down for leave time, a friend asks Thomas for a favor and Sean winds up meeting someone new.
  • Tale 5 of the Paladin Tales.
          Keywords:M/M   Anal   BD   SF   M/F
     Species:Cheetah   Ape   Lion   Coyote
    Neral Series

    The Neral Tales:
    Interview with a Wizard
    A Good Monday Morning
    A Good Night
          Keywords:Anthology   Fantasy
    Interview with a WizardM: [Good]
    Not really a story but rather the background information needed to follow this series. Presented here as a cheesy interview with one of the characters, Thomas (No relation to the "Paladin Tales" Thomas).
    Tale 1 of the Neral Series.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Transformation
    A Good Monday Morning - AdultM: [Good]
    The author's idea of what a good Monday morning might be like. The wizard Thomas and Mara (one of his wives) get up to watch the sun (and other things) rise.
    Tale 2 of the Neral Series.
          Keywords:M/F   Oral   Romance   Fantasy   Foot
     Species:Lion   Cheetah
    A Good Night - AdultM: [Good]
    Thomas is working late but Raine (one of his wives) has something better for him to do.
    Tale 3 of the Neral Series.
          Keywords:M/F   Teasing   Exhibitionism   Oral   Romance   Fantasy
    Show Lion - Adult

    The Stories:
    First Shoot
    Big Mouth
    Big Premiere
    First Shoot - Adult
    The "Show Lion" has his first taste of working in front of a camera.
    A Show Lion story.
          Keywords:M/M   Masturbation   Anal   Toys   Voyeur   NC   BD   SM
    Big Mouth - Adult
    Tells how the "Show Lion" got himself into the the situation chronicled in "Show Lion's First Shoot".
    A Show Lion story.
     Sequel:First Shoot
    Big Premiere - Adult
    Sequel to "Show Lion's First Shoot", this story tells how Terry offers the "Show Lion" a way to win back the video tape made of him during "Show Lion's First Shoot".
    A Show Lion story.

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