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ComplicationsM: [OK]
An accident in a lab at an engineering plant leaves a college student with a lot more worries than a few cuts and bruises. This is a tale of the highs and lows of Justin's life as he tries to put it back together with some degree of normality, which is quite a feat, considering the effects the accident has on him.
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  •  Species:Spotted Skunk
    A Question of Rememberance.
    Miavir:Unfinished Movie Script. Removed due to request by the Author.
          Keywords:Violence   Script
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Let Sleeping Dolls LieG: [OK]
    Graven:A police officer takes on an evil toy factory
     Sequel:The Man on the Inside
          Keywords:Transformation   NC   Fantasy   Violence   Horror   Plushie   Adventure   Weird
     Species:Ape   Pig   Skunk
    Encounter Under the MoonM: [Good]
    This one was probably my most well received and commented on work, as well as the first real work released on "TSA-Talk." At least, as far as I can remember, it was...

    Just how does one go about dealing with carjackings, conspiracies, and werecreatures? Why don't you ask Allan, as he dealt with all of that and more in just one night...

          Keywords:Transformation   Action
     Species:Skunk   Bear   Lycanthrope
    The Man on the Inside
    This was written in response to several questions I recieved about "Let Sleeping Dolls Lie," as well as, tying up a few loose ends not discussed in the original work.
    A Distant Visitor
    This was a "non-cannon" work in Oren the Otter's HEA universe. Being the kind otter he is, he then wrote a little tale the coincided with mine so that it tied into into the universe and gave it some actual meaning to it.

    What would the extinction of the human race do to the space-time line? Would there be any way to repair the damage, or would the future be pretty much screwed?

     Species:Otter   Ape

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