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The Strikeline Tales:
Street Justice
Love Toy
Sole Survivor
Pool Party
Street Justice - Adult
An attack on the wrong people brings a massive change to a young woman's life. No sex, but there will be in later installments. Actualy written after part 2.
Part 1 of Strikeline.
 Species:Mouse   Polar Bear   Tiger   Dolphin   Ape
Love Toy - Adult
Michelle is introduced to her new owners, much to her dismay.
Part 2 of Strikeline.
      Keywords:F/F   BD   NC
 Species:Skunk   Tiger   Ape
Sole Survivor - Adult
Michelle begins to see the gentler side of her misstress but how will Cecilia react to Michelle's attempted escape?
Part 3 of Strikeline.
      Keywords:F/F   Oral   NC   BD
 Species:Skunk   Ape   Coyote
Pool Party - Adult
Cecilia takes Michelle on an outing, and some steamy action crops up.
Part 4 of Strikeline.
      Keywords:M/F   F/F   NC   BD   Public   Oral
 Species:Skunk   Ape   Otter
And so They Met - Adult
Colleen is taken by slavers, just when things seem their worst a mysterious man rescues her, can they escape the slavers and their high tech devices or is Colleen doomed to a life of servitude. But who is her mysterious hero and what is he hiding? Heavy sexual innuendo light violence, not for young kittens, teenagers perhaps.
 Sequel:Hell of War
      Keywords:Post Apocalyptic
 Species:Cougar   Skunk
Hell of War - Adult
Daravin and Colleen come upon a book which tells a bloody story of the past. Warning: extreme violence, blood and guts, light sexual innuendo.
      Keywords:Violence   Post Apocalyptic
 Species:Cougar   Skunk   Deer   Coyote
Reaching Out - Adult
A story about unrequited love, sibling ties and racial prejudice. Duke's would be love of his life is visibly upset, and he sets out to find out why, can he live with the answer once he finds out?
      Keywords:Slice of Life   Language
 Species:Skunk   Rabbit   Wolf

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