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Tangent Moon
This is a little introduction to a universe I am creating. Grandfather tells a story to his grandkids...
      Keywords:Transformation   Fantasy
 Species:Beaver   Wolf
To Console
Character intro for Rachel. What do you really need in life?
Tale 127 of The Blind Pig Universe.
 Species:Ape   Porcupine
Pokemon Master
My own ideas about those superkyOOtified critters.
      Keywords:Transformation   Violence
 Species:Demon   Ape
Black Mood
When Bob Stein said "The End?" I just couldn't resist.
 Prequel:Mortal Danger
 Species:Donkey   Demon   Horse   Raccoon   Unicorn
Brian and Bob come to Earth. Trouble at the Vet's...
Miavir:Removed by author due to a small communication problem :-)
 Species:Ape   Raccoon   Unicorn
Lone Soldier
Sometimes it's the pain which makes us stronger.
      Keywords:Violence   Military
 Species:Ape   Devilbunny
What if they gave a war...
A story of the TAG Universe
 Species:Ape   Wolf   Cat
The Tutor
A horse teaches a classroom of carnivores in high school.
Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
 Species:Shetland Pony   Wolverine   Porcupine   Weasel   Fox   Lion   Bear
The unfathomed folly of obsession
 Species:Ape   Cat   Sheep

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