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   Author:Stangya Stolyko

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The GameG: [Good]
I've had too many gamester friends not to avoid having a story idea along these lines at some point or another. A comic book shop I reluctantly frequent often runs role-playing scenarios on absurdly over-detailed table-boards using scale models. As far as the players go, I have to confess that I have rarely seen gathered in one place such a broad spectrum of questionably-genetic social impossibilities.

Anywho, this idea popped into my head while I was examining one of these game boards. The idea enchanted me so much that I was mumbling bits of it all the way home.

      Keywords:Fantasy   Gaming   NF
Mistaken IdentityG: [Good]
There's this little inconvenience store up the road from where I live that I wind up shopping at a lot, usually because I'm too lazy to go to the supermarket and buy real food. I don't know exactly by what factor I've shortened my life on prepackaged goods, but I'd guess it's significant. You can't help but get an idea like this when you do that sort of thing a lot, and the trouble is that every time I went to the inconvenience store, the idea would bob back into my distracted brain, nagging me all the way home. I finally committed it to paper and forgot about it.
      Keywords:Horror   Violence   NF
CitywolfG: [Good]
I used to live in Cincinnati, which I found terribly depressing most of the time. To get from the downtown area to my little Mt. Adams apartment involved this long walk across a huge bridge that spanned I-75. The only time the city looked pretty to me was at night, and several nighttime walks to and from downtown inspired this story.
      Keywords:Violence   NF
 Species:Ape   Wolf

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