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   Author:Tim Susman

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Rite of Passage
This is a story set in a world I created early on, site of a lot of stories and an unfinished novel. It doesn't contain any anthropomorphics per se, but it does have more "furry" elements than the other stories in that world.
Happily Ever After
I submitted this story to Yarf!, the journal of applied anthropomorphics, and through a combination of unfortunate factors, I didn't find out that they'd printed it in issue #33 until #35 was out. Reaction was pretty positive to it, and I'm glad; I spent a lot of time working on this one.
The Hunters
Many of my stories have rather depressing endings. This one did, originally, but I was talked into a somewhat more upbeat ending by a friend. I should listen to him more often. This appeared in the Confurence 6 program book with an accompanying illustration by John Nunnemacher that was so beautiful it drew attention completely away from the story. Oh, well.
 Sequel:Life Lesson
If At First - Adult
This isn't your typical erotic fantasy story. I don't think it's very erotic, for one thing, even though it does include a sex scene. If you're looking for another "furry finds the mate of his/her dreams and they have the most fabulous sex ever" story, you probably want to give this one a miss. :) What I did try to write about was real characters dealing with real sex in a more or less real way. Whether I succeeded or not -- well, if you've read this far, you might as well keep going. You be the judge.
Miavir:a Comedy of Mistakes.
      Keywords:M/F   Humor
 Species:Raccoon   Coyote
First Keep
A medieval fantasy story starring 'morphic foxes (and featuring some other species) that I've been working on for a while.
Illustrations for "First Keep"
Five drawings of Characters by the Author.
  • Part 1
    Introductions and the Onset of Hostilities; of Joinings and Partings. (neutered and declawed version)
  •       Keywords:Fantasy   Graphics

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