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Miavir:Sadly, I have received reports that Paul S. Gibbs passed away suddenly on the night of January 30th 2002. I am greatly saddened by this loss of a great writer, and will forever cherish all the happy moments his writings have given me.


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The Rats of Thorn Valley
A sequel to the film that takes place four months after the rats' departure from the farm. Mrs. Brisby and her children eagerly accept an opportunity to visit Thorn Valley; but unknown to them, the Rats of NIMH are once again facing a deadly peril--one which could destroy their self-sufficient paradise forever.

Art by Neil Weber.

 Sequel:Second In Command
      Keywords:NIMH   Graphics
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Second In Command - Adult
A followup to "The Rats of Thorn Valley", as told by Jonathan. The Rats of NIMH and the Brisby family anxiously prepare for their first winter in Thorn Valley. Meanwhile Jonathan learns the meaning of "long-suffering" as he battles trouble with work, family, weather--and, most perilous of all, the fallout from Justin's tortured love-life.
      Keywords:NIMH   Graphics
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Food Source - AdultM: [Good]
A creepy little tale, appropriate perhaps for the 31st of October, notwithstanding the fact that it was written in February. What happens when a human and a Sah'aaran are stranded together on a barren world--and the food begins to run out? Rated PG for mild violence and non-explicit sexual content.
      Keywords:Violence   M/F   SF
 Species:Feline   Ape
The Hunters - AdultM: [Good]
The owner of a Sah'aaran hunting park accepts a commission from a flamboyant Terran big-game hunter. But is a brush-demon really what he's after? Rated PG for mild violence.
      Keywords:Violence   SF   Hunting
 Species:Feline   Ape
Life Lesson - Adult
This one is a bit of a curiosity, being both a sequel of sorts to "The Hunters" and a companion-piece to my upcoming novel "The Darkness Beneath." But I think it's sufficiently entertaining to stand on its own. Let me know! Rated PG for mild violence.
 Prequel:The Hunters
      Keywords:Violence   Hunting   SF   Romance
The Deal: A Vignette
Another minor curiosity. It's not so much a story as a character exercise, which began life as a deadly-dull essay on the subject, "What happened to Ehm'ayla between 'The Chosen Few' and 'Darkness Beneath'?" Not a great deal of plot--but hopefully enough information to be interesting, especially for those who have read those two novels. Rated G; nothing objectionable whatsoever.
The Failed Interval
Commodore Ehm'ayla says of this piece: "As with most mythology and folklore, it is impossible to determine--and ultimately pointless to wonder--to what extent the following tale represents actual, physical reality; i.e., whether the events depicted actually happened, or the persons involved truly lived. But "real" or not, the story does offer a fascinating glimpse into the early days of the Goddess faith, and provides a tantalizing notion of how that religion managed to spread, with such astounding rapidity, across the face of Sah'aar."
From An Antique Land - Adult
A Combined Forces Security investigator finds himself aboard a Survey vessel with a very strange--and possibly hazardous--cargo. Will it reach its destination--and does he really want it to? This novella guest-stars a minor character from my novel "The Darkness Beneath," and features a supporting-cast member from "The Raven's Shadow." Rated PG for no readily-explicable reason.
The Chosen Few - Adult
The one that started it all. When her long-sought promotion is denied, Lieutenant Ehm'ayla accepts a transfer, hoping that the fresh challenges of an important survey mission will make her more visible to the Admiralty. But her new commanding officer has an agenda of his own--one that most definitely does not include non-humans. Plunged into conspiracy and danger, not knowing where to turn, Ehm'ayla must call upon every bit of her native cunning to emerge with her career--and her very life--intact.
Miavir:Originally this story had a diffrent Title and was placed in the Star-Trek Universe, but was rewritten due to copyright Issues.
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  •       Keywords:Violence
    The Blackfur Chronicles
    ...is the private diary of Ehm'tassaa--ambassador's daughter, blackfur and bond-mate to Tom Abrams--as she journeys home to Sah'aar to attend Sah'salaan University. Being on her own for the first time in her life is bad enough--but putting several dozen light-years between her and her bond-mate...that really hurts.

    This will be a continuing series, with new installments posted on or about the first of every month. Enjoy--and as always, please let me know what you think.

  • Chronicle 1
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  • Chronicle 3
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