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   Author:Simon Travaglia

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The Bastard Operator From HellM: [Very Good]
Written in about mid 1992, this covers a few weeks of a true Computing Administrator's nightmare of an existence. From his beginning, speeding up the backups by assigning null to be the tape device, right up until his death and subsequent resurrection and revenge.

Warning: This contains violence and bad language. Quite bad language really. I haven't removed any of this, just fixed up a couple of typos and re-formatted it into HTML.

Miavir:Ok, so it isn't Furry,... but I like it anyhow, being a Sysop myself. No other non-furry authors will be inlcuded, don't bother asking, if you do, your jobs will be terminated, no exceptions :-)
      Keywords:NF   Humor

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