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Thieves' Gambit - AdultM: [Very Good]
These are chapters of a fantasy novel currently being marketed by my agent. It hasn't found a home yet, but TSR is considering it at the moment.

It is a fantasy novel, but not the usual kind. There are elves and fairies, but the elves are assassins and drug-runners, and the fairies are likely to be homosexual prostitutes. There are also furries ('Morphs), some friendlier than others....some very friendly indeed, like Cheltie the gengineered fox-'Morph brothel slave. However, there is not much beyond an "R" rating here; I *do* wanna sell this puppy...

More details may be found in the Introduction. The link in the Title will get you the whole story in one big lump, or you may view it by chapter below.

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  •       Keywords:Fantasy   Violence   Mystery   Romance
    The Dragonriders - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Miavir:Part one of a story about Thieves, Elves, and Dragons.
          Keywords:Fantasy   NF   M/F
    Slaver's Luck - AdultM: [Good]
    Chapters 1 - 4.
    Miavir:Warning, nonconsensual. A slaver has a precious item stolen by a thief, and decides to get revenge as well as some fun.
          Keywords:Fantasy   BD   M/F   NC   Masturbation
    The Fantasy! System: An Adventure In Live Role-Playing
    This is a 19-page booklet on a very simple and smooth-running live fantasy role-playing system. For more info, see the other stories by Tyrr and the file about the world Terath.
          Keywords:Fantasy   NF   Non-Story   RPG
    HeroesM: [Good]
    A funny little tale that explains why fannish artists always hafta draw warrior women with teeny weeny chainmail bikinis.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Humor   NF
    Tanith Tyrr's Stuff Online
    The file Tanithtyrr.txt Contains a listing of Tanith Tyrr`s texts.
    The World of Terath: BackgroundM: [OK]
    A world background for the World of Terath stories, novels and RPG gaming system. See also fantasy.rpg.live for the live-action gaming system, world.of.terath.rpg for the basic gaming system, and Tanithtyrr.txt for a list of text files and fiction.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Non-Story   RPG
    World of Terath: The Fantasy SystemM: [OK]
    A gamer's companion to the World of Terath novels and stories. Also see: fantasy.live.rpg for the live-action system. See Tanithtyrr.txt for a list of World of Terath stories, novels and gaming aids.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Non-Story   RPG

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