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The Story of Chang Feng
I have intended this work as an introduction to, and chronicle of, the life, times and ancestry of a beautiful and unusual young woman, Chang Feng.

I developed Windy Chang (or, sometimes, Wendy Chang) as an imaginary character over a period of years. Of course, she is not exactly human in appearance, having a centaur's general form; but with the lower body of a very large cat rather than one of a small horse. In specifics, there is a lot of variation in the way people describe her. Different people have reacted to her in different ways over the years, and they see the details of unique objects differently, drawing different analogies in order to accommodate their imagination which of course their senses are at the same time questioning. Thus you will read some attributes ascribed to her by different authors, or see some things by different artists, which seem to be contradictory. Don't worry I certainly don't!

  • Chapter 1: Disaster on the Road to San Diego
    wherein I meet quadrupedal hexapods for the first time.
  • Chapter 2: The Cat-Dragon People
    wherein I make preliminary researches into their possible Origins
    Miavir: See also supporting Story Dutch and the Dragon Lady.
  • Chapter 3: Chang Feng Moves to Ypsi-Arbor
    wherein I have to think very fast
  • Chapter 4: Con Fever
    wherein I observe Chang Feng snag a boyfriend
  • Chapter 5: An Eventful Summer
    wherein Chang Feng meets her fiancés family, and I renew my Researches
  • Chapter 6: Courtship and Marriage Preparations
    wherein Chang Feng reaches Marriageable Age; Her relationship with Tico gets Serious; Aunt Maia dispenses her Good Advice; and I research more deeply into the Histories
    Miavir: See also supporting Story Chai Lung's Story.
  • Chapter 7: The Wedding and Honeymoon
    wherein the traditional ceremony takes place; the Niagara Falls honeymoon; and Chang Feng announces her pregnancy
  • Chapter 8: A Therianthropic Family Begins
    wherein Chang Feng eventually bears two children, Juan and Hippolita Chang Alvares
  • Chapter 9: The Quiet First Years
    wherein Tico graduates and Windy and I have a Discussion on the Subject of Aesthetics
  • Chapter 10: Rumors from Timber Falls
    wherein Windy's move to Washington State is a move into Danger
  • Chapter 11: A Visit from Windy
    wherein Windy and her family visit my new home
  •  Species:Centaur
    Dutch and the Dragon Lady - Adult
    Miavir:Supporting Story to The Story of Chang Feng.
    Berenice's HairM: [OK]
  • Prologue
    Chicagoland, Sometime in 1993.
  • Chapter 1
    Chicagoland, Spring, 1997.
  • Chapter 2
    Flight from Concord and Lexington.
  • Chapter 3
    The Midnight Snack of Betsy Wu
  •  Species:Centaur
    I Had a Devastating Dream During the Full MoonM: [OK]
    Inspired by the turn-of-the-century Irish Lord Dunsany's "The Bride of the Man-Horse."
    Miavir:Very short story.
    King Kong's Daughter
    Here's a story about an unusual young lady with a very unique ancestry.
    Three Centauresses
    What if the "cent" in "centaur" really did mean "100"? A short story.

    See also a related picture and poem.

    A Letter to a Friend
    Surgeons turned this orphaned girl into a centaur to save her life.

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