Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories

Species Centaur

Superspecies: Horse,Taur


Ahead of Time
Another World
Astakos - Stable of the Gods???
The Backyard Wall
Barefoot Centaur Ballet
Berenice's Hair
Boots and Saddles
The Bride of the Man-Horse
The Cabin
The Casanova At Crazy 8
Cat Pegasus
A Centaur's Tale of Love and Love Lost
A Centaur Finds a Home
Centaur Friends
A Centaur in Gangland
Centaur Mania
Centaur Professor
Centaur with a Foot Fetish
Chasing Unicorn Songs
Dairy, Aftermath
Fire Fish
Fit for a King
The Forest Demon
Four Legged Blues
Für Volk und Vaterland
Gay Centaur
Gay Centaur Bar
A Gift Befitting A Princess
A Gift From The Wild
Golden Girl
Harvest Mare
I'll Be Home With Bells
If Wishes Were Horses
I Had a Devastating Dream During the Full Moon
Jesse's Story
The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik
Larana, the Chosen One
A Letter to a Friend
A Little Something More in Life
Magic Centaur Wine
The Mark of the Divigon
The Marriage of Monkey Legs
A Mugwump Wakes
Murder at the Shapeshifter's Ball
Music Of The Heart
Mutation Factor
One More Day
The Paradise Saga
Ranalee VI
Rare Species
The Secret
Steel Life
The Story of Chang Feng
Summer Lovin
Tales From Cordonia
A Taur and His Boy
The Threads of Time
Three Centauresses
Träge fließen die Tage
Unreally Real
What If ?
A World of her Own

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