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Outpost - AdultM: [OK]
Treading on David Drake's turf here. This is a story from the 60's, made furry, and moved into more of a military Sci-Fi arena. Its my first attempt at literature since school.
 Sequel:You're an Animal; You know that, don't you?
      Keywords:SF   Military   Adventure
You're an Animal; You know that, don't you? - Adult
Some reputations are not deserved. Another story, similar to Outpost. Contains violence.
 Sequel:Lions have been known to Scrounge for food in the Wild
      Keywords:Violence   SF   Military   Graphics
 Species:Lion   Bear
A New Millennium - AdultM: [OK]
As the Millennium approaches, things seem to be coming apart; there is social strife, a depression, leading to increased unrest, and to compound the problem, a new disease, something like AIDS or Ebola, only much more contagious seems to have cropped up in some remote corner of the world. Tensions between superpowers remains high, and a new arms race is on. John, a middle aged engineer, a typical family type, harried, overweight, and living the typical "life of quiet desperation" is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Working as a contract engineer, far from home, the only work he can find, he is involved in a massive industrial accident.. He thinks he's dead, but through intermittent flashes of consciousness, he realizes that he's been rescued; he never quite comes to the realization that while he may have survived, those that rescued him did him no favors, as he awakens in a strange landscape, in a strange body.

He seems to have been transformed into some sort of strange monster, a creature exhibiting a blend of the characteristics of both human and lion. He finds himself in what appears to be the savanna of East Africa, an area currently torn by much strife. Naked, alone, confused, he must try to survive as best possible, as he wonders about just what happened to him.

  • -- Chapter 1 : Awakening
  • -- Chapter 2 : Scattered Memories.
  • -- Chapter 3 : Reflections at the Water Hole.
  • -- Chapter 4 : First Night: Fire and Hyenas.
  • -- Chapter 5 : I do some exploring.
  • -- Chapter 6 : First Hunt
  • -- Chapter 7 : Further Explorations
  • -- Chapter 8 : DINNER!
  • -- Chapter 9 : Settling in
  • -- Chapter 10 : Further Explorations
  • -- Chapter 11 : A Successful Hunt
  • -- Chapter 12 : Sweet Dreams
    (WARNING! Adult Content: No one under 18, PLEASE!)
  • -- Chapter 13 : Predators
  • -- Chapter 14 : Out of Shape / Adaptations
  • -- Chapter 15 : The Rainy Season Returns
  • -- Chapter 16 : Scouting the town
  • -- Chapter 17 : Meeting the local Lions
  • -- Chapter 18 : Return to Town
  • -- Chapter 19 : Good Samaritan
  • -- Chapter 20 : Watching the Battle
  • -- Chapter 21 : I talk to the Survivors
  • -- Chapter 22 : An attempt to communicate with home
  • -- Chapter 23 : Resignation, Rage, and Revelations
  • -- Chapter 24 : On the Origin of Species
  • -- Chapter 25 : A trip into "Town"
  • -- Chapter 26 : Mating Season
    (WARNING! Adult Content: No one under 18, PLEASE!)
  • -- Chapter 27 : Snipers
  • -- Chapter 28 : Battle lines pass through; and pass through again.
  • -- Chapter 29 : Random Encounters
  • -- Chapter 30 : J.E.B.
  • -- Chapter 31 : Changes in attitude.
  • -- Chapter 32 : Comint, Mischief, and New Friends.
  • -- Chapter 33 : A Blessed Event
  • -- Chapter 34 : The World Takes Notice
  • -- Chapter 35 : The Pride Forms
  • -- Chapter 36 : A New Home
  • -- Chapter 37 : Pride goeth before a fall/Loss, Retribution, and Retreat
  • -- Chapter 38 : The arrival of "Doc Savage"
  • -- Chapter 39 : Schizm / The Pride Splits
  • -- Chapter 40 : We scavenge for the essentials of Civilization
  • -- Chapter 41 : Reformation / The exile of Doc Savage
  • -- Chapter 42 : A village grows (in secret)
  • -- Chapter 43 : Relations with the Neighbors
  • -- Chapter 44 : Shades of Michiavelli
  • -- Chapter 45 : Target of an expeditionary force
  • -- Chapter 46 : Guerrilla Warfare
  • -- Chapter 47 : Death from Above!
  • -- Chapter 48 : Accomodation and Compromise
  • -- Chapter 49 : Strange Discoveries
  • -- Chapter 50 : Mergers and Acquisitions
  • -- Chapter 51 : We face an uncertain future in a changing world
  • -- Chapter 52 : Epilog
  •       Keywords:Transformation   Graphics   M/F
    Lions have been known to Scrounge for food in the Wild - Adult
    I'm told MRE's are worse than the old C-Rations; I don't know how that could be possible. Some folks, myself included, will do ANYTHING for a decent meal.
     Sequel:A matter of Necessity
          Keywords:SF   Military   Graphics
    FFM: A Reckoning - Adult
    The introduction of John Mosby.
    A story from Water Wings
     Sequel:Renovations & Overhaul
          Keywords:Military   Adventure   M/F
     Species:Lion   Bunny   Tiger
    Renovations & Overhaul - Adult
    The return of John Mosby to WaterWings.
    A story from Water Wings
    Ghosts - Adult
    A tall tale told to the local children.
    A story from Water Wings
     Sequel:Conversations I
    Conversations I - Adult
    John tells a story he was once told to Kari, the seaplane pilot. Strange as it may seem, this IS a true story, as told to me long ago.
    A story from Water Wings
    Innovations - Adult
    ADULTS ONLY, PLEASE. John and Sylvia go sailing...
    A story from Water Wings
     Sequel:Struggles between head and heart
    Struggles between head and heart - Adult
    This one's inspired by an old Humphrey Bogart movie... And my kids think just because its in black and white that it can't be a good movie...
    A story from Water Wings
     Sequel:A Small Diversion
    A Small Diversion
    John gets bored with the quiet of Island life and goes looking for something a little more exciting to do. What he finds is more than he expected
    Illustration for "A Small Diversion"
    A story from Water Wings
    Homes and Escapes
    The arrival of the Sergeant Major. This one's more of a background story covering what John Mosby does most of the time. Well, maybe not ALL of the time...
    A story from Water Wings
    A flashback tale of how John Mosby and the Sergeant Major met. Needless to say, its a war story.
    Illustration for "Origins"
    A story from Water Wings
     Sequel:Stress Relief
    A Question of HonorG: [Very Good]
    In this background of deadlock, in a war that has been going on for decades, a group of misfit Felines, all without honor, are given an odious mission, a mission that might just give the Cats an edge. Can they regain their honor? Can they survive without honor? Or are circumstances and events so ordered against them that they cannot survive at all?
    Miavir:Much longer intro on the main page itself.
  • -- Chapter 1
    The Crime
  • -- Chapter 2
    The Trial
  • -- Chapter 3
    The Sentence
  • -- Chapter 4
    The Ship
  • -- Chapter 5
    The Crew
  • -- Chapter 6
    Shakedown Cruise
  • -- Chapter 7
    Beans, Bullets, Black Oil, and Band-aids
  • -- Chapter 8
    Launch and Departure
  • -- Chapter 9
    Friendly Fire
  • -- Chapter 10
    Stress Relief
  • -- Chapter 11
    Passage through the lines
  • -- Chapter 12
    First Blood
  • -- Chapter 13
    Breaking and Entering
  • -- Chapter 14
  • -- Chapter 15
  • -- Chapter 16
  • -- Chapter 17
  • -- Chapter 18
  • -- Chapter 19
  • -- Chapter 20
    Side Trip
  • -- Chapter 21
  • -- Chapter 22
    The Secret is Out
  • -- Chapter 23
    Battle in the Nebula
  • -- Chapter 24
  • -- Chapter 25
    Intermission II; Deceptions and Diversions
  • -- Chapter 26
    Mirror Image
  • -- Chapter 27
    Pursuit II
  • -- Chapter 28
  • -- Chapter 29
  • -- Chapter 30
    Renewed Temptation
  • -- Chapter 31
    A New Mission
  • -- Chapter 32
    A Baited Trap
  • -- Chapter 33
    Further Pursuit
  • -- Chapter 34
    A Gift from the gods
  • -- Chapter 35
    A Desperate Act
  • -- Chapter 36
    Battle Royale
  • -- Chapter 37
    The Final Prize
  • -- Chapter 38
    Coventry, and the Epilog
  •       Keywords:SF
    A Purpose for Living - AdultG: [Good]
    John and Hank help protect an important witness. Sexual content, so ADULTS ONLY!
    A story from Water Wings
          Keywords:Adventure   F/F   M/F   Oral   Violence
     Species:Lion   Rabbit   Mink   Wolverine   Bat   Bear
    Fast Passage
    James VanAnkat's financial dealings lead him into a situation where he has to get somewhere in a hurry, and Mosby's schooner is the only available transportation!
    A story from Water Wings
    A Rescue
    John slips into a civil-war torn country on a rescue mission. This one may end a little abruptly, but I'm, in my own way, posing a challenge to some of the other Waterwings writers to pick up the story.
    A story from Water Wings
    FrictionM: [Good] G: [Good]
    How can you have two Chief Engineers on one Starship? Let me tell you, it doesn't work very well. This story kinda explains the relationship between Khajja and Lanna Tigris, his opposite number. Written with Kate, Lanna's player.
     Species:Lion   Tiger
    A matter of NecessityG: [Very Good]
    Treading on David Drake's, and Keith Laumer's turf here. What happens when a mercenary unit such as Drake's "Hammer's Slammers" runs up against one of Keith Laumer's "Bolos"? This was a concept I just couldn't keep my paws off of.
  • Part 1
    Parts 1,2, and 3, with more to follow.
  • Part 2
    Parts four through seven. Had to go to rich text format to get the italics to work. Wordpad will show it OK.
    Miavir: Hooray for more incompatibility from the folks that brought you the most buggy OS since the invention of Computers.
  • Part 3
    Parts eight and nine. Written in beautiful tropical Weipa, Australia. Lord, I can't wait to get home! Still best to use wordpad to view this.
  • Part 4
    Part ten through the conclusion. Again, written in Weipa, but I had to wait until I got back to the states to upload! Hopefully the stunning conclusion to the story
  •       Keywords:SF   Military   Action
     Species:Lion   Rabbit   AI   Bear
    Hank and John accept a charter from a bunch of furrs that want to recover "treasure" from an old sunken ship. But something's not right. Is what they're doing legal? Drawn heavily from an old novel "The wreck of the Mary Deare", should anyone recognize the similarity. Not QUITE plagiarism (I hope)...
    A story from Water Wings
    Stress Relief (with John Henry) - Adult
    For those interested in continuity, this story takes place after the "Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright" series, and also after the story series "Birds of a Feather...", which is yet to be released - John Henry
    Images:Illustrations for "Stress Relief":
    You missed a Spot...
    A story from Water Wings

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