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Shdellow - Adult
A spacefarer learns something about the nature of humanity from his companion anthropomorphic cat.

From the 'Poomba' timeline.
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It's Open - Adult
A young woman allows her philandering husband to talk her into a vacation at an anything-goes nudist resort off-world, and quickly learns what's sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose. And boy, does she get goosed...

From the 'Poomba' timeline.
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A Nudge in the Right D'Erection - Adult
Jeff finds out you can get ahead (or SOME head?) by doing favors for the Boss's wife at the company picnic.

From the 'Poomba' timeline.
 Species:Mustelid   Squirrel
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A Friend In Need - Adult
Nothing but an excuse to get Poomba and one of his pals into the sack. Or is it the sac? They're alone, they're in their dorm room, they need it bad. That's pretty much the plot right there. Still want to read it? Be my guest. :)

From the 'Poomba' timeline.
 Species:Feline   Raccoon
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Nothing, Nowhere - Adult
A university-sponsored archeological dig finds Poomba and Brklak off on their own on a desert world once inhabited by ancestral Oldhumans. They dig up a lot more than they bargained for. Published in an issue of YARF!.

From the 'Poomba' timeline.
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Old-Fashioned Bullets - Adult
I wrote this story, about a race of slave anthro mice, who are created by, and escape from, Red China, only to take over Vancouver Island, as a tongue-in-cheek effort to collaborate with fellow furry creator, Steve Corbett. Nothing came of it beyond this rather salacious story, and the accompanying notes about "zarnicans", the anthropomorphic mice.

      Keywords:M/F   Detective   Oral   Public
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Skates and Scopie
Not actually a story but a script for TV; a half-hour premier episode of a proposed children's show. Skate and Scopie are two talkmice who use magic and daring to befriend a human boy, Neil.

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WingsM: [Very Good]
This is, in my own estimation, one of the very finest things I've ever written. It's the story of an anthropomorphic seeing-eye dog, named Faith, looking after a blind boy sometime in the next century. I relate with humility that more than one of its readers has reported being moved to tears, and I can't imagine higher praise. Be forewarned, it's not a happy ending.

      Keywords:Furry Freedom   Graphics
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Marked - AdultM: [Very Good]
Peggy's life is boring till young, wild Scout shows up in her life. But Scout has Dennis and Peggy has Gavin, and neither wants to let go... especially Gavin.

If you're reading these in plot order, this would the the 1st.

      Keywords:M/F   M/M   F/F   IIMYI   Violence
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Drives - Adult
Scout is Judith's chauffeur. After he drives her to the opera and parks underground, she begins a shameless cocktease of the poor lad via the miracles of modern technology. But when a young reporter shows up, she helps Scout turn the tables.

If you're reading these in plot order, this would be the 2nd.

Miavir:See also Garage.

      Keywords:M/F   Exhibitionism   Orgy
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Heat - AdultM: [Very Good]
Scout's just left Judith, his home, his job, and everything behind to go to Salmon Hat University. He might be leaving his life behind, too, crossing the desert alone, unless he gets some help, any help at all...

If you're reading these in plot order, this would be the 3rd.

 Sequel:The Hard Sell
      Keywords:Fantasy   M/F
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The Hard Sell - Adult
This was the first Scout story, and as such, it's a little more-tongue-in-cheek than the ones that follow. In this one, Scout McIntyger, a university student, is helping sell homes in Salmon Hat, Columberta, as part of a co-op program. He's not sure if he can sell to Mr. and Mrs. Fernby until her adolescent daughter Gillian offers to seal the deal... for a price. But she won't make it easy for him. It's going to be hard.

If you're reading these in plot order, this would be the 4th.

Miavir:used to be known under the title 'The Hard Sell   or   Sperm Warefare'

      Keywords:M/F   M/M   SM   Violence   Teen
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The Tithe of BeautyM: [Very Good]
The first of the "Talkmouse" stories, this one centers around young Edward, whose nighttime wandering bring down the wrath of the humans of the household on the mice within its walls... It's up to Edward to figure out how to solve the dilema...

Also available in DOC Format

 Sequel:Let Him Now Speak
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Let Him Now Speak
The second proto "Talkmouse" story. Young Phillip is tired of living in the shadow of older brother Edward and hatches a scheme to draw attention to himself.

Also available in DOC Format

 Sequel:The Talkmice
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The Talkmice
This is a fairly hefty entry. Organized as a book, this is the firm true "Talkmouse" story. University student Chris Stevenson invents the better mousetrap, and winds up being turned into a talkmouse for his trouble. Along the way he learns the lifestyle of the talkmice, their philosophy and history, and that there actually is still magic left in the world - something that might just come in when his own invention is turned against him.

Also available in DOC Format

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Homer in Jeopardy
A partial script.
      Keywords:Parody   NF   FanFic   Script
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Islington Brier and the Ice Cream Plot
A novel for young people in the works. Islington is a 10-year-old squirrel kid who's just moved to a new town. No one likes him -- least of all Bruno, the town bully -- except for poor, downtrodden Karen. Just when it looks like things might work out, Islington finds he has another problem. He has to save the world...
      Keywords:Slice of Life   Graphics
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
The "Poomba" scenario (named after the primary character, for lack of any better ideas) is set roughly 6500 years in our own future, after humanity has been anthropomorphized.

Stories of the Poomba timeline:
It's Open
A Nudge in the Right D'Erection
A Friend In Need
Nothing, Nowhere
Why Is God So F**ing Mean ? - AdultM: [OK]
Miavir: A comic story. A comedy of justice.
      Keywords:Graphics   Adult
Water Wings (with Anony Mouse)
A Shared Community

What I'm proposing to build here is an environment for myself and other writers and artists to explore -- a small, remote part of the world Scout and Taffy, Marvin, Bobby, Gary, Islington, and a whole host of my other characters inhabit... Therion. And this little part of it is the Happenstance Islands. More specifically, a little place called Water Wings.

Miavir: The backup link has a zip file containing several stories in PDF format.

Some Water Wings stories:
Kari's Scenario
Hardrock's scenario
The Tropical Flower
Tali's Scenario
Mach's scenario
Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
Am I Your Enemy?
The Outsiders
Shades of Grey
Seal with a Kiss
FFM: A Reckoning
Renovations & Overhaul
Conversations I
Struggles between head and heart
A Small Diversion
Homes and Escapes
Stress Relief
A Purpose for Living
Fast Passage
A Rescue
Lisa's Story
Modus Vivendi
The Wrong Person
Keith's scenario
      Keywords:Anthology   Slice of Life
Pink Panther & Sons
Another stab at scriptwriting for TV, this time with an established property. I was a fan of the short-lived Saturday morning cartoon in 1984. In this one, the Rainbow Panthers decide to raise funds to spruce up the clubhouse by holding a carwash, with Punkin's "lucky" penny seeming to curse the efforts at every turn, till the last.
      Keywords:Script   Slice of Life
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Old Dreams Kept
When I started off seriously as a furry writer and artist in the early 90s, one of the projects my partner Chuck Davies and I tried to interest Antarctic Press in was "Perimeter Post 5" (they went for our cutesy "Mangy Tails" stuff instead). This is a story of one of the soldiers, a young rabbit named Aurora, in the days before she joined the Rubinsel Army.
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Seal with a Kiss - AdultM: [OK]
Miavir:Life in the Slipsunder Family.
A story from Water Wings
      Keywords:Slice of Life
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
The Wrong Person
A story from Water Wings

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