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Hard Times
The introduction of myself as a character in this universe.

Raven Blackmane: Doug, aka Wiley (or Wile E.), is a fullmorph coyote, and one of my favorite characters. Here's how he ended up in his current situation...

Tale 33 of The Blind Pig Universe.
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The Best Medicine
My character deals a bit of payback for a prank, and in the process gets a little of himself back as well.

Raven Blackmane: AKA Everything's Wild, Epilogue. Doug finds out what happens when you pass out in the Blind Pig. Hoo boy...

Tale 59 of The Blind Pig Universe.
 Prequel:Everything's Wild
 Species:Coyote   Wolf
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A family gets a rather unexpected visitor.

Raven Blackmane: A beautiful little short about a boy's mysterious transformation, and the healing that follows it... for child and family alike.

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Loving HalloweenM: [OK]
The grass is always greener...
      Keywords:Fursuit   Transformation
Back to Nature (with Jon Sleeper)
A teenager gets an unusual punishment for disrespect.
Trickster's GoldM: [Good]
The introduction of myself as a character in this universe. I need to say that if you are one of the friends I use in here, well, just remember is is an alternate universe...
Miavir:Used to be called 'Party Animals'.
  • Part 1
    Change Day
  • Part 2
    Powers That Be
  • Part 3
    A Betting Man (Coyote)
  • Part 4
    Home Is Where the Head Is
  • Part 5
  • Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
          Keywords:Romance   Transformation
    The Fugitive
    Sell By
          Keywords:Shaggy Dog Story
    Ten Seconds
    Teen Round Robin (with Jon Sleeper, Brian Eirik Coe, Bryan Derksen, Trey McElveen)
    When you were a teenager did you ever feel like you were turning into a different species? Well, in the Winds of Change universe it's very true. So here is the tale (tail?) of five teenagers going through this Change. It takes place about nine years after the Change itself (in the year 2005).
    Miavir:Newly updated as of 13.Jun.99.
    Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
     Species:Chamaeleon   Zebra   Lion   Raccoon   Parrot
    The Winds of Change Story Archive (with Jon Sleeper, Otrstf, Anony Mouse)
    An archive of stories set in The Winds of Change Universe.
    Set in The Winds of Change Universe.

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