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Change of Seasons
A young man looking to get out of the cold stumbles on a kindly woman with a love of photography. A bit of fluff, really. It was fun to write.
Historical Revisionism
A little story in the "Be careful what you wish for" vein.
Little Boy Lost
A child lost in the woods finds an unusual pair of animals.
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Questions and Answers
Definitely more than a little absurd. A man wakes up one morning and finds that he's a raccoon. Obviously influenced by Kafka, though not in tone.
The Truth About Redstone Ridge
A veteran of World War II remembers the man who twice saved his life during the war... and finally reveals his lost friends secret.
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The Pantry is Bear
Another bit absurdity. What do you do when your wife suddenly turns into a bear one morning?
      Keywords:Transformation   Humor
To Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth
A businessman on a flight becomes the only survivor of a plane crash, but at what price?
Wolf in the House
A young reporter confronts a newly elected Senator about some anonymous pictures...
Worldwide Dispatches
A stand alone story set aboard a 747...
Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
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Just Because You're ParanoidM: [Very Good]
It started as a two page story, and turned into a eighty-plus page epic. When a group of animals develop intelligence, with a few able to become human for short times, they go forward to explore the cities, unaware that the answers that they seek are sometimes more confusing that the questions.

Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you...

Miavir:And also: Remember, you're not paranoid if they really ARE all out to get you.
 Sequel:Blood and Thunder
Blood and Thunder
The sequel to "Just Because You're Paranoid", taking place about one year after the end of the original story.
My characters entrance into this universe.
Tale 8 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Days and Nights
A short little story about the aftermath of a bad day.
Tale 19 of The Blind Pig Universe.
At Days End
A much longer story about adversity.
Tale 27 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Everything's Wild
After over six months and perhaps as many as 100 stories in this universe, I recently realized that we'd never seen a friendly little poker game set in this unique little bar. This story is populated with characters created by other authors, all used with permission. So let's take a little peek at a typical Friday night at The Blind Pig Gin Mill...
Tale 47 of The Blind Pig Universe.
 Sequel:The Best Medicine
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The Monster in the ClosetM: [Very Good]
A father protects his daughter from the monsters in her closet in a most unusual way.
Beaten Path
Based on an idea I've had for years. A mounted police officer in a small California town is about to experience life from the other side of the saddle.
A Frost and Fire tale.
Care and FeedingM: [Good]
      Keywords:Humor   Transformation
Major ProblemsM: [Good] G: [Good]
Two friends stumble across a long abandoned farm in the south of France, only to find it cursed.
      Keywords:Transformation   Fantasy   NC
 Species:Werehorse   Ape
Backup:1 2
The First Rule Of BattleG: [Good]
Graven:The general has a plan.
Miavir:Removed as Mr. Coe wants to try selling it.
      Keywords:Transformation   Military   Humor   NF
 Species:Ape   Mule
Passing FadG: [Good]
Who really thought the car was forever?

The stories of the Passing Fad Universe
Passing Fad
Golden Girl
Boots and Saddles
A Small Problem
Dairy, Aftermath
Story 1 in the Passing Fad universe.
      Keywords:Transformation   Humor   NF
Backup:1 2
A simple story set at an equestrian event.
 Species:Ape   Horse
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The Gift (with Jon Sleeper)G: [Very Good]
Some months ago, I found a book tucked away in a used bookstore. It was The Gift of the Deer by Helen Hoover. Quickly looking through it, I realized a friend would love it and bought it for him. That night, I started reading it and didn't stop until I was done. After Jon Sleeper read it, he agreed. We both decided to incorporate this true story into the fictional world of the Blind Pig...
      Keywords:Transformation   Adventure
 Species:Deer   Ape
Backup:1 2 3
Love Long PastG: [Good]
An embezzler has an unusual explanation for her crimes.
 Species:Ape   Donkey
Change LadyG: [Mediocre]
A trip to Las Vegas proves to be a life altering experience.
      Keywords:Transformation   Transgender
 Species:Ape   Rodents   Horse   Deer   Wolf   Sheep
On the CouchG: [OK]
A werehorse sees a psychologist about an unusual addiction.
 Species:Ape   Horse
A Gentle TouchG: [Good]
The new assistant to a kindly horse trainer discovers his secret.
      Keywords:Transformation   NC   Fantasy
 Species:Ape   Horse
Backup:1 2
The Long Ride into MorningG: [Good]
An arrogant businessman and the horse he bought as a status symbol unwillingly exchange places.
      Keywords:Transformation   NC   Fantasy
 Species:Ape   Horse
TranslationsG: [Good]
Graven:An engineer translates an ancient Syrian text. After twenty years of meticulous planning, he prepares to cast the transformation spell...
      Keywords:Transformation   Fantasy   NC   Humor
 Species:Ape   Horse
At the End of TimeG: [OK]
It's the end of the world as we know it...
      Keywords:Transformation   NF
The Trouble with TroubleshootingG: [Good]
A story written as a gift for a friend. Seems that the engineering department has a couple glitches with their new VR device.
      Keywords:Transformation   NC
 Species:Ape   Donkey
The Great Round Robin Experiment (with Jon Sleeper, Bryan Derksen)
Here is what happens when a few friends get together in a universe Changed.
Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
 Species:Sheep   Bald Eagle   Deer
Remember When (with Jon Sleeper)
A story of remembering your past...
Tale 17 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Teen Round Robin (with Jon Sleeper, Bryan Derksen, Trey McElveen, Doug Linger)
When you were a teenager did you ever feel like you were turning into a different species? Well, in the Winds of Change universe it's very true. So here is the tale (tail?) of five teenagers going through this Change. It takes place about nine years after the Change itself (in the year 2005).
Miavir:Newly updated as of 13.Jun.99.
Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
 Species:Chamaeleon   Zebra   Lion   Raccoon   Parrot
Be Prepared (with Jon Sleeper)
Another stand alone story that starts right about the time of the Change. A small troop of Boy Scouts finds themselves in the mountains of Colorado, alone and afraid.
Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
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Reflections (with Jon Sleeper)
A story of the Here & There World

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