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Brett - AdultM: [Mediocre]
A Story of a Gay College student with interesting powers. Part 1
      Keywords:NF   Macro   Violence   M/M
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Bunnies at Play - Adult
A Cute Little Fantasy. A Story of a couple of mischievous anthro bunnies at play in a city.
Illustration for "Bunnies at Play"
Grounded - Adult
Bunny Ken got grounded but brought some crawlies home.
      Keywords:Macro   Graphics
Kenya's Heroine - Adult
Lyell saves her people.
Illustration for "Kenya's Heroine"
 Sequel:First Love
      Keywords:Macro   Violence   NC   Graphics   Vorarephile   Snuff
First Love - Adult
A macrophilic fantasy. The story of how Lyell met her boyfriend.
 Sequel:Girl's Night Out
      Keywords:Macro   M/F   Vorarephile
Girl's Night Out - Adult
Lyell takes care of some game members.
      Keywords:Macro   Violence   NC   M/F   Vorarephile   Snuff
Ryon - Adult
A story involving a young male character on the brink of sexual discovery. This character is a giant, and there is a lot of blood and gore and carnage and other good stuff like that, along with some equally graphic sexual situations.

If you don't like what you read, don't read it.

  • Part 1
    A young lion discovers some neat toys (mm)
  • Part 2
    A young lion continues his search to learn about himself (mm)
    Illustration that goes very well with Ryon, even though it's actually not Ryon himself.
          Keywords:Macro   Violence   Graphics   Vorarephile   Snuff
    Havoc! - AdultM: [OK]
    A Dragon flies into our world by mistake.
    Illustration for "Havoc!"
          Keywords:Macro   Violence   Graphics   Snuff
     Species:Dragon   Ape
    Behind the Scenes - Adult
    (A 'Dragonheart' Story). A young female actress interacts with Draco the dragon, and we learn that not everything in Hollywood is a special effect.
    Miavir:A castrated,... um I mean bowdlerized version is now available here.
  • Original
  • Castrated Version
  •       Keywords:Macro   FanFic
     Species:Dragon   Ape
    Nex - Adult
    (or 'Pandora's Other Box'). The rivalry between the Lutrai and Khatrai reaches an all-time high when a Khatrai male gains possession of a magical box. Descriptions of these races can be found on Races of Rym.
    Miavir:Pretty much a macro story, nothing else. Plenty of Violence and gore :-P
          Keywords:Fantasy   Violence   Macro   Vorarephile   Snuff
     Species:Otter   Weasel
    Fifteen Minute Break - AdultM: [Very Good]
    A young man discovers that working for the Dz'Isu Construction company can involve scale-ing large things.
    Miavir:Finally a macro story with character interaction and a plot :-)
    Illustration for "Fifteen Minute Break"
     Sequel:Reverse Engineering
          Keywords:M/M   Macro   Voyeur
     Species:Dragon   Ape
    Nekobe - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Miavir:Working late can be fun when you have something as nice as Nekobe around. Note the new second part 'Nekobe's Birthday' at the end.
     Sequel:Nekobe's Birthday
          Keywords:M/M   Romance   Slice of Life
     Species:Lion   Ape
    Backup:1 2 3
    An Afternoon at #21 - Adult
    A large dragon pops in on an unsuspecting human. Things are not, however, as they seem....
          Keywords:M/M   Violence   BD   SM   NC
     Species:Dragon   Ape
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Roughing the Runt (with Bennie) - AdultM: [Mediocre]
    Lilpaw discovers magic that will keep him from being the runt anymore.
          Keywords:Macro   M/M   Violence   Snuff   Vorarephile
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Reverse Engineering - AdultM: [OK]
    The Dz'isu Construction Company decides to diversify the services that it offers, but trouble arises and puts the company's future in doubt.
    Illustration for "Reverse Engineering"
          Keywords:Macro   M/M
    Xydexx's Thanksgiving Trip - AdultM: [Good]
    Xydexx the inflatable unicorn falls horn over heels in love with a parade balloon he sees on television, and vows to meet the object of his affection in person. This is believed to be the first macro-inflatable story ever.
    Miavir:So weird it's good again ;-)
          Keywords:Macro   Inflatable   Humor   M/M   Masturbation   Violence   NC   Weird
     Species:Unicorn   Panther   Moose
    'Tis the Season - AdultM: [OK]
    Shewolf finds herself coming into heat in a strange and frightening world. Will she be able to find the other members of her pack?
          Keywords:Macro   Violence   M/F   NC   Masturbation   Vorarephile   Snuff
    The Ultimate Weapon For Peace - Adult
    A machine is created to bring about an end to a stalemated war. This is a mech-story, Rogue's first foray into hard science fiction, but it maintains a macrofurry flavor. It is not an entirely accurate descript of WolfMech's origin, but Rogue's size gives him broad editorial license.
          Keywords:Macro   Violence   SF
     Species:Wolf   AI
    The Return of Spirit-Wolf
    I met an invisible wolf on FurryMuck, and we got to talking about how much more terrifying a giant furry would be if you couldn't see it coming. The premise was inspired by a story written by Bennie a while ago, and the rest of it came from Spiritwolf himself.
          Keywords:Macro   Violence
    Nekobe's Birthday - Adult
    The response to Nekobe was incredible. This little bit, more of a day-in-the-life study than an actual story, was put together for all the folks who wanted to see more of Nekobe.
     Sequel:Nekobe: At the Gym
     Species:Lion   Ape
    Nekobe: At the Gym - Adult
    As promised, the stories continue. Here, Nekobe decides he wants to get a membership at the local gym, despite Shawn's misgivings.
     Species:Lion   Ape
    March Comes In Like a Lion - Adult
    All good things must come to an end. There is a time when to even our most precious loved ones, we must face saying goodbye for the last time.
     Species:Lion   Ape

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