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Ayshea - AdultM: [Very Good]
Do they live among us?
      Keywords:Transformation   Romance   M/F
Ever wondered if aliens are really bad?
A story about a man and the robotic dolphin he designed.
Miavir:Not my misspelling of 'animatronics'.
A Day in my New Life
What would you do if you woke up a dolphin one day?
Astakos - Stable of the Gods???
Don't go poking around where you don't belong
Two young loves and an Avian god.
Birthday Wish
Be careful what you wish for.
The Lost City
The jungle can house many strange things.
      Keywords:Transformation   NF
Don't mess with the GenieM: [OK]
The IRC 'bots can be a little dangerous.
Here be dragons, black dragons at that...
The Mysterous Lo Wang
Beware of strange people bearing gifts.
Miavir:Not my misspelling of 'mysterious'.
Well, I can't say, its suppose to be a twist.
The Princess and the Unicorn
The Princess always teams up with a unicorn.
Werewolves Within
Werewolves are all around us...
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  •       Keywords:Transformation
    The Mark of the DivigonG: [OK]
    A little Irish mythology for you (Ummm, err, hard to define really)
          Keywords:Transformation   NC   Fantasy
     Species:Ape   Dragon   Centaur
    AlisaG: [OK]
    Graven:The king's advisors choose Alisa of the Forest for the sacrifice.
          Keywords:Transformation   NC   Fantasy
     Species:Ape   Deer
    Deer me... - AdultG: [OK]
    Graven:Brian Mactee wakes up in the hospital after a generic genetic engineering lab accident.
          Keywords:Transformation   NC   SF   M/F
     Species:Ape   Deer

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