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The Furvey From Hell by Plonq
Just where do they generate all their Furrymuck statistics from? The answer is not pretty. Be afraid, my friend, very afraid.
 Species:Snow Leopard   Bear
Fur Wars - Balance Of Power by White Shadow
Kaylee and her group of Jedi's struggle to keep their home world of Ucinea together, as they stretch their reach over the galaxy. A story in progress.
      Keywords:Violence   Star Wars   Action   Fantasy   Romance   Military
 Species:Ape   Feline   Wolf
Future's History by Lee I. Shapiro
In the future the mutates of mankind need hope, but as one can see, are they really mans creations or a ancient race long forgotten?
  • Era's end & beginning   Backup
  •  Species:Dragon
    Future Form by Allen KitchenG: [Good]
    Some of you may have heard that I entered a furry story into competition in a Science Fiction Contest. Well, it didn't win. But that's okay, because now I can edit it again and show it off. This will be 6 chapters long (It is a novella.) Hope you all enjoy it. It was fun to write.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  •  Species:Ape   Dog   Otter   Lynx   Wolf   Fox
    A Future Past by Dan D'Alimonte
    A story about trying to escape the past.
     Species:Raccoon   Wolf
    Futures Imperfect: Underground Lovers by T. A. Jones - Adult
    Skip Ruddertail: Sent on a mission to kill, Rick has to decide whether to judge a fur based on their species.
    A Future We'd like to see by Stefan Gagne
    A set of stories with a unified Universe Background
     Prequel:Haven Born
          Keywords:Anthology   SF   Parody
    Fuzzy by Wanderer
    Miavir:A short shaggy dog story :-).
    Story 9 of Barken, TX.
          Keywords:Shaggy Dog Story

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