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The First Casualty by Allen Kitchen - AdultG: [Good]
A story of the TAG Universe
      Keywords:Adventure   Military   Violence
 Species:Ape   Cat
The first computer person by Chris JohnsonM: [Very Good]
The fringes of computer science, and the curious effects they have on the scientists themselves...
First Contact: the Rrakith by Will A. Sanborn
Mankind's first encounter with the Rrakith, an interesting race of anthropomorphic felines.

This story appeared in the Fanzine South Fur Lands #5.

Images:These images were drawn by Bernard Doove.
Illustration #1
Two Rrakith study the alien vessel before them.
Illustration #2
Joan and Ssarrabi are about to discover an important difference between Humans and Rrakith.
      Keywords:SF   Adventure   Graphics
The First Experience by TriGem Olandarinse - Adult
TriGem's first experience with sex.
      Keywords:M/F   M/M   Orgy
First Furry by ZschammM: [Good]
My first writing that actually has a complete story line or at least it will when it's finished, I'll be adding updates weekly or so... (In progress)
First Keep by Tim Susman
A medieval fantasy story starring 'morphic foxes (and featuring some other species) that I've been working on for a while.
Illustrations for "First Keep"
Five drawings of Characters by the Author.
  • Part 1
    Introductions and the Onset of Hostilities; of Joinings and Partings. (neutered and declawed version)
  •       Keywords:Fantasy   Graphics
    First Love by Rogue - Adult
    A macrophilic fantasy. The story of how Lyell met her boyfriend.
     Prequel:Kenya's Heroine
     Sequel:Girl's Night Out
          Keywords:Macro   M/F   Vorarephile
    First Meeting by Shaviv - AdultM: [Good]
    A man finds the truth behind a local legend.
          Keywords:M/F   Transformation
     Species:Ape   Cat
    First Night by Sidian - Adult
    A young girl has an interesting first experience in the woods.
          Keywords:M/F   NC
    The First Rule Of Battle by Brian Eirik CoeG: [Good]
    Graven:The general has a plan.
    Miavir:Removed as Mr. Coe wants to try selling it.
          Keywords:Transformation   Military   Humor   NF
     Species:Ape   Mule
    First Shoot by Razee - Adult
    The "Show Lion" has his first taste of working in front of a camera.
    A Show Lion story.
     Prequel:Big Mouth
          Keywords:M/M   Masturbation   Anal   Toys   Voyeur   NC   BD   SM
    First Song by Will A. Sanborn
    An experiment using a culture with a nature-based mysticism: one young lupine's rite of passage into adulthood.

    This story appeared in the Fanzine Fur Visions #2.

    Illustration for "First Song"
    Drawn by Bernard Doove.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure   Graphics
    The first time by Kindar Ra'Harashal - Adult
    Kindar gets caught by a landowner's servant while robbing a house sometime in his youth.
          Keywords:Anal   Teen   Oral   M/M
     Species:Feline   Bear
    First Yiff by The Blues Hound - Adult
    Skip Ruddertail: The members of the group decide to play matchmaker.
     Sequel:The Dragon's Conquest
    Fit for a King by Josh Dugan - Adult
          Keywords:M/M   Oral
    Flashback by Walks-Between-Worlds
    Miavir:name assigned by me.
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    The Flashback by Nubis Wolf - Adult
    A passenger on a prison transport ship flashes back to the sexual encounter that got him where he is.

    (Also available as Ascii, Postscript, troff, and DVI).

     Sequel:The Arrival
          Keywords:Anal   M/M   Masturbation   SF
    Fleeing the Dollhouse by Multibreast - Adult
    A woman desires to have a body much different than the typical Barbie doll look so prevalent in her society.
     Species:Leopard   Taur
    Fleeting Love by Nameless Wolf - Adult
    Two friends get to spend a little time in an elevator together.
          Keywords:M/M   Romance   Slice of Life
     Species:Wolf   Fox
    Flight of Fancy by Plonq
    This is just a little flight of fancy I wrote as some course material for a writing class I am due to take.
     Species:Dragon   Ape
    Flight of the Phoenix by Sean L. McLaneM: [OK]
    Short Story

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