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Nex by Rogue - Adult
(or 'Pandora's Other Box'). The rivalry between the Lutrai and Khatrai reaches an all-time high when a Khatrai male gains possession of a magical box. Descriptions of these races can be found on Races of Rym.
Miavir:Pretty much a macro story, nothing else. Plenty of Violence and gore :-P
      Keywords:Fantasy   Violence   Macro   Vorarephile   Snuff
 Species:Otter   Weasel
Nicole's Story by Direwolf - AdultM: [Good]
The story of a junior high school girl who turns into a werewolf in front of her boyfriend!
 Prequel:What Friends Are For
      Keywords:Teen   Transformation   M/F
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Night's Daughter by John R. Plunkett - AdultM: [OK]
In 1999 I went to see the movie "The Mummy" (the new one). Some time later I saw a picture by Sara Palmer titled "Atheis." It shows a dark-furred jackal-morph in an Egyptian setting. Her eyes are green and her figure is slender, but the seeds of an idea had been planted in my mind. It percolated around for a while, then popped out while I was taking a break from Star Dancer.
Illustrations for "Night's Daughter"
A Chakat story. See also An Introduction To Chakats.
      Keywords:SF   Graphics   M/F   Necro   Oral   Horror
NightBane by Michael J. McGee
NightBane is one of my favorite role-playing games, and it has many furry-style themes to it. So it seemed somewhat natural that I write a piece of fan fiction dedicated to it. The actual 'Bane series is much darker than is let on in this story, but the story is about a NightBane's first Becoming, and it just didn't seem right to jump into the hard stuff right away. The main character, Phil, is about as average as a guy can be, but he holds a secret within him more wondrous and terrifying than he could ever imagine.

Tales of the Nightbane Universe (well, just one right now):
Foxes and Shadows
NightBane - Foxes And Shadows by Michael J. McGee
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
    The Nighthawk Adventures by Tygermoon Foxx
    Several stories written from the perspective of Arrien, an Amazon tigress who serves aboard a starship.
    Miavir:Some filks about the Nighthawk may also be found on it's Homepage.

    The Adventures
    The Trial of Parden
    The Birth of Zarya
    Unto the Breech
    More Than Power
          Keywords:SF   Anthology
    A Night In Babs' Room by Dennis M. Falk - Adult
    OK, here's my slightly revised version of the steamy TTA sex story I presented last week.
     Sequel:Scenes from the morning after
    Night in Vosgraad by Anthony Pryor-Brown - Adult
    Back in Litharna, Wulf is having a hard time forgetting the hot-blooded but innocent-looking Livia, and has to deal with an embarassing bout of impotence. Unbeknownst to him, however, the demon-assassin Ilvraxx has been hired to rid the world of Wulf the Freelance, which he attempts using his shape-changing nightshades, creatures capable of taking the form of whatever their victim desires most. He finds allies in the tattoo-decorated Rhiann and the drunken, slightly dim, dwarf (but then aren't they all?) Udo. Not entirely happy with this one, but what the hell, there it is...

    Warning: This story is for Adults only. If you're under 18, or dislike reading stories of that nature, do not read.

     Prequel:All Soul's Night
    Backup:1 2
    Night Knights by Gretchen Munger, Allen BillingsM: [Good]
    Miavir:Two SCABs fight for justice and the rights of their fellow SCAB's.
    Tale 46 of The Blind Pig Universe.
          Keywords:Transformation   Furry Freedom
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Night Lovers by Will A. Sanborn - Adult
    A story fragment involving a romantic encounter with a vampire.
          Keywords:Gothic   NF
    Nightly Bliss by Ace S. Cormed - Adult
    Here's the sequel to that little gothic tale.
     Prequel:Midnight Heat
          Keywords:M/F   Gothic
     Species:Otter   Deer
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Night Moves by Feech
    Night of Discovery by WindrunnerM: [OK]
    My first work of fiction, and perhaps one of my best. I did write this into a trilogy, but I feel only the first one really deserves any regard. Let's just say the effects of peer pressure are quite evident. ;-)
    A Night of Wishes by Narzil Blade - Adult
    A college student finds that magic really does exist, and with the aid of a magic lamp, gets transformed into a large, anthropomorphic, sentient raccoon plush toy. (I'd just like to say here that I'm not into plush. I wrote this to "work it out of my system".) I think this may have inadvertently inspired a story by KAS called Soft Dragons.
          Keywords:M/M   Plushie   Transformation
    A Night On Thundera by Elf Sternberg - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Personally, I thought the Thundercats had too much potential to leave untouched.
          Keywords:FanFic   SF   M/F   M/M
    Nightsrynd by Jason T. MartenTaur - Adult
    Four teenagers venture up onto a hillside on the nights when the spirits dance, hoping to have their wishes granted.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Violence   Language   Horror   Rape   Transformation   Teen
     Species:Tiger   Demon   Fox
    Night Swimming by Will A. Sanborn - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Returning to a place from his past, a secluded spot on a lazy river, a mouse is reunited with an old lover, an otter femme. This story was inspired by the R.E.M. song of the same title, a very beautiful somber and reflective piece that lent its mood to the story.
    Illustration for "Night Swimming"
    This image was drawn by Bill Schmickle. While it doesn't show the full impact of the scene, it's a nice study of the two characters, and a beautiful piece too.
          Keywords:M/F   Romance   Graphics
     Species:Mouse   Otter
    Nine Lives by Two
     Species:Cat   Demon
    Njalls Saga by Velya
    Miavir:German version available only.
          Keywords:German   Fantasy   Graphics

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