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The slightly inacurate history of BHS by NorthWolf Northstarsson Deman
Blue Heeler SunFire: A history writen by fellow writer NorthWolf Northstarsson Deman. A friend from Undernet.
 Species:Wolf   Fox
A Small Diversion by jonwI
John gets bored with the quiet of Island life and goes looking for something a little more exciting to do. What he finds is more than he expected
Illustration for "A Small Diversion"
A story from Water Wings
 Prequel:Struggles between head and heart
Small Packages by Plonq
Another of my more serious works. It seems that Plonq is about as adept at picking up social cues as he is at programming JCL.
 Species:Snow Leopard   Otter
A Small Problem by HawkynG: [OK]
Brian Eirik Coe: Miniturization gone awry...
Story 5 in the Passing Fad universe.
      Keywords:Transformation   NC
 Species:Ape   Horse
A Small Repair by Christian O'kane
One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
Small Town Justice by Keith MorrisonM: [Good]
Miavir:The tale of the survivor of one Cloud infestation.
Story 4 of The Silver Dawn.
      Keywords:NF   Transformation   Transgender   NC
Smart Weapons by Allen KitchenM: [Very Good]
A cute little bit I did years ago, but never finished. I've finally completed it and cleaned it up enough to show off.
Miavir:Only Anthropomorphic in the sense that those weapons seem pretty human, but hey, close enough for me ;-)
Smoothie by SwampRat
A bruin and a human enjoy a winter's evening.

Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.

 Species:Bear   Ape
Snake Eyes by Kaa Starhunter - Adult
An anthropomorphic snake faces deadly prejudice against his kind, until a wolf seeks to set things right.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  •       Keywords:M/M   Oral   Anal
     Species:Snake   Wolf
    Snakes and Ladders by FeechM: [Good]
    Miavir:Living with AALLAAAN!
    Tale 74 of The Blind Pig Universe.
          Keywords:Slice of Life
     Species:Ape   Snake
    Snips and Snails by Christian O'kane
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Snow Games and Backyard Diplomacy by Will A. SanbornM: [Very Good]
    Human-Rrakith interactions will have their occasional little bumps and kids will be kids. This story appeared in the Fanzine South Fur Lands #6.
    Illustration for "Snow Games and Backyard Diplomacy"
    Drawn by Bernard Doove.
          Keywords:SF   Graphics
    A Snow Leopard in the Pridelands by Plonq
    Ever an anomaly is the question of just how a snow leopard ever came to be lurking in the African savannah. While this little story doesn't give all the answers, it drops a few good hints.
          Keywords:Lion King
     Species:Snow Leopard
    Soapbox Cat by Plonq
  • Part 1
    Plonq - for that is indeed whom is addressing the furry fandom in this story - finds out that public speaking isn't as easy as it looks on television. This story, as with the next, was just a bit of non-sequitor I posted to a.f.f to try and lighten things up a bit during one of the flame wars. I called the main lead "Snowcat" in this story and the next because at the time, I hadn't decided to separate out Plonq and Snowcat as separate entities. Just think of them as biped and quadruped versions of the same character.
  • Part 2
    Another disasterous public speaking appearance by poor Plonq - again appearing under the name "Snowcat".
  •       Keywords:Humor
     Species:Snow Leopard   Skunk
    Soft Dragons by KAS - AdultG: [OK]
    Graven:Magic has returned, and a young man who always wanted to be a dragon gets a referral.
          Keywords:Transformation   Fantasy   Fursuit   Plushie   M/M   Anal
     Species:Ape   Dragon
    A Soldier's Tail by Chris Ings
    This story falls into the Technothriller/Epic adventure category, and is based on any number of things that have influenced my life. I hope you enjoy this story, and would appreciate it if you send some feedback and tell me if my writing style is acceptable to the mass media.

    Also available in RTF Format.

    Miavir:A start to what might become an interesting tale.
    Backup:1 2
    Soldier-In-Training by Storyline - Adult
    A mocked lizardman leaves his bullies behind him and finds a new friend; a lonely gargoyle who's been under petrification for a couple thousand years...
          Keywords:M/M   Anal   Oral
     Species:Lizard   Gargoyle
    Sole Survivor by Skunkaholic - Adult
    Michelle begins to see the gentler side of her misstress but how will Cecilia react to Michelle's attempted escape?
    Part 3 of Strikeline.
          Keywords:F/F   Oral   NC   BD
     Species:Skunk   Ape   Coyote
    Solitude by Mat Charles
    A man tries to hide a rather unusual problem.
    Backup:1 2
    Solitude by Nightshade101 - Adult
    A woman living in self-imposed isolation has her life changed for the better when she helps a fox-morph lost near her cabin.
          Keywords:Transformation   M/F   Romance
     Species:Fox   Wolf
    Solo Destinies by Stephen Doyle
     Prequel:White Knights: Origin
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