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The Little Mermaid 2 - A Parody Error by Jason T. MartenTaur
A sequel (mostly parodies of the songs) to the Disney classic movie. If you're in love with the movie you may hate the parody.
      Keywords:Humor   Parody   FanFic
A Little More Fun At Night by Nightcatcher Blackwolf - AdultM: [Good]
My first story, written at the suggestion of a good friend on IRC. Katherine O'Connell is a new kid in town. Given a rough day in school, a young man named Adrian Spokane comes to her rescue. Adrian, however, has his own secrets, which Katherine soon discovers. And so begins a deep relationship... Has M/F sex. Male werewolf, female human.
 Sequel:Hallowe'en Sighting
      Keywords:Teen   M/F   Tieing
 Species:Werewolf   Ape
Little Red Riding Hood by Jeff Lewis - Adult
A Swedish writer by the name of Annakarin Svedburg wrote an erotic version of Little Red Riding Hood, of which a sizable chunk was reprinted in a book on erotic fiction I was reading a long while ago. Unfortunately, I could never obtain the complete story, and I didn't like the way the author seemed to make the Wolf into a human (tacitly). So, I wrote my own version...
      Keywords:M/M   M/F
Little Red Riding Hood by Sarah Fox Jahn - Adult
(f/F Oral SF NC Teen)
      Keywords:F/F   Oral   SF   NC   Teen   Humor   Fairy-Tale
A Little Something More in Life by Multibreast - Adult
      Keywords:Transformation   Fantasy   Hermaphrodite
 Species:Birds   Centaur
The Littlest Skiltaire by Bill GrobeM: [Very Good]
Autobiograpy of one Human and his Furry Soulmates.
      Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure
 Species:Skiltaire   Ape
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Live and Learn by Sly Squirrel
A rabbit learns about love and life the hard way.
Live and Let Die by Chris Hoekstra
One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
Lizard by Lance Holloway
Miavir:A Lizard wakes up sans his memories of life before, and must find out what happened to him. Reads pretty confused at times.
Lizard by Arthur J. Pearson
Original concept by Lance Halloway. Orin steals the serum known only as the Animalizer but that's the end of our story. A mobster, a mystery man named Doolittle, a misplaced briefcase, and heartfelt love.
Locking Paradise by Bob Stein
Tale 3 of The Paradise Saga
Löwenmond by k_jacobs
(German only) Ein Mann erkennt seine Herkunft. Sie ist nicht nur nicht menschlich, sondern sogar nicht irdisch. Obwohl es möglicherweise Menschen sind, die einen erheblichen Einfluss auf seine persönliche Vergangenheit hatten. Fantasy und Science-Fiction treffen in einer Erzählung mit zwei getrennten Linien aufeinander. Ein Schreibexperiment.
      Keywords:German   Fantasy   SF   Transformation
 Species:Lion   Ape
Logbook of Lemmuel Cliffdiver by Oren the Otter
Miavir:The logbook of the Fuzzy Doom.
  • Chapter 1 : Less than a Pirate
    The story of how the pirates of the Fuzzy Doom became heroes.
  • Chapter 2 : A New Tail of the Shiny brine
    Wherein we meet the eager Rikkets Quickpaw.
  • Chapter 3 : No Better Place
    The "whence" of Lindy Lashtail.
    Lonely Peace, Deadly Friendship by Sean CharlesworthM: [Good]
    Well, this has been around for quite a while now, appearing in issue 1 of Anthropomorphine back in January 1994. Part two followed in issue 2. (how remarkable). As yet there isn't a part three. But who knows, there might be, one day. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy, delete, or whatever. :)
          Keywords:Fantasy   Romance   Adventure
     Species:Otter   Fox
    Lonely People by Jonathan Brothers
    Ignored boy meets shunned girl. A short love story, about two people feeling close to the same thing at a dance. I wrote this one night while I was at work. I guess I must have been feeling lonely or depressed but whatever I was feeling this story was the result!
          Keywords:Slice of Life   Romance
     Species:Fox   Skunk
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    The Lonely Stellar Guide to Chakona by Terry Knight
    is an informative article that is a must-read if you plan to visit this fascinating world.
    A Chakat story. See also An Introduction To Chakats.
    The Loner by Will A. Sanborn - Adult
    More than just a "shy guy meets girl" story.
          Keywords:Gothic   Horror   Romance   NF
    Lone Soldier by Starling
    Sometimes it's the pain which makes us stronger.
          Keywords:Violence   Military
     Species:Ape   Devilbunny
    Lone Wolf by David J. Rust - Adult
    Miavir:A tangled story of Transformation.
    Long Beneath the Keep by KeeCoyote
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.

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