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Cinosanap Meets a Stranger by Tony Belding
Robert Kalin: In this story Cinosanap (from my stories) meets a human while she is acting as a scout.
 Prequel:Cinosanap Pumanther: The Dolby stories
Cinosanap Pumanther: The Dolby stories by Robert KalinM: [Mediocre]
The Cinosanap stories were an unusual thing. I wrote the first story cino1.txt for mere fun following a guideline. I was so pleased with it that I decided to write 2 other stories for a total of 3. To make them more interesting I decided to use them to fill in holes that were left in the first story. This would allow me to use the same main character without repeating the exact same story over. There did turn out to be problems. Story number two cino2.txt turned out to be very difficult. Of the three stories it was the one that had to abide by a timeline and story limitation. It still reads a bit too short for my liking.
  • The Left Channel: The Story of Home
  • The Center Channel: The Story of Health
  • The Right Channel: The Story of Love
  • The Rear Channel: The Timeline
  • The Mono Tone Sound: The Final Story
  •  Sequel:Cinosanap Meets a Stranger
          Keywords:SF   Transformation
     Species:Cougar   Panther
    The Circe Treatment by Anony Mouse
    The Circe Treatment was dreamed up by Thomas Hassan, when Bob Stein asked him, how he would like to be transformed.

    Bob wrote Shell Game, a bit later Thomas wrote "Reassigment", and the rest just happened.

          Keywords:Transformation   SF   Adventure
    City2 by SwampRat - Adult
    Another City in the Wastes of Chaos.. A Theme piece.

    Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.

          Keywords:M/M   M/F   Orgy
    City of the North by T. A. Jones - Adult
    Warning, a lot of violence!
          Keywords:Transformation   M/F   Violence
    Citywolf by Stangya StolykoG: [Good]
    I used to live in Cincinnati, which I found terribly depressing most of the time. To get from the downtown area to my little Mt. Adams apartment involved this long walk across a huge bridge that spanned I-75. The only time the city looked pretty to me was at night, and several nighttime walks to and from downtown inspired this story.
          Keywords:Violence   NF
     Species:Ape   Wolf
    Clarence and Jane by Sapphire
    Miavir:The formating is FUBAR.
    Classmates by TimeFox - AdultM: [Good]
    Miavir:Two friends deepen their relationship.
     Species:Griffin   Fox
    Backup:1 2
    Clean Getaway by Albert B. Butler
     Prequel:Bio-Illogical Warfare
    A Clear Choice by Multibreast - Adult
    An alien creature transforms abducted Earthlings into strange creatures, and lets one Earthling experience all the transformations. (Features multiple body part content).
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          Keywords:Transformation   Weird
     Species:Horse   Leopard   Ape
    Closed Circle by Allen Kitchen
    Alkit and Triva create a life for themselves with their new starship. Life should be peachs and cream, but sinister plots still abound. And there are one or two details about a fox living with a wolf that never entered either of their minds...
  • Part 1   Backup
  • Part 2   Backup
  • Part 3   Backup
  • Part 4   Backup
  • Part 5   Backup
  • Part 6   Backup
  • Part 7   Backup
  •  Prequel:A place in the Sun
          Keywords:SF   Adventure
     Species:Fox   Wolf
    Close Encounters by Allen Kitchen - AdultM: [Very Good]
    As close as Triva, the cubs, and his crew are to him, there are times when a fox would rather be alone.
          Keywords:Slice of Life   Humor   SF
     Species:Fox   Wolf   Raccoon   Ferret   Skunk
    Clothes make the ... by Arthur J. Pearson - Adult
    An experiment in trans gender text. What happens when you wind up with the wrong clothes in an unusual department store?

    Warning: Beware, you'll be scared for life, be you young or old, after reading or seeing this.

          Keywords:NF   Transformation   Transgender
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Clothing by Charles Matthias
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Cloud Seeding by Terry Spafford
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Club Hopping by Anthony Robertson - Adult
    Anthropomorphic vampires in clubland.
          Keywords:Gothic   M/F
     Species:Bat   Rabbit   Vampire
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    The Clubhouse by Dee Dreslough
    A story of Dimar.
    Coal and Ash or Gaining the Mind by Sharpfang
    The Story of Thought
    One of the Tribal Legends.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Tribal
     Species:Wolf   Hyena
    A Cold And Lonely Night In Agrabah by Elf Sternberg - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Ever wonder what Jasmine does on those nights when Alladin is out?
          Keywords:Fantasy   FanFic
     Species:Tiger   Ape
    Coldheart by TimeFox
    My first ever fanfiction. This is a work in progress that I really hope to finish. I'm going to keep at it until I do. It looks a little rough around the edges but I'm writing to get it out of my head. Once that's done I'll flesh it out and fix it all up. This is partly a protest to the Redwall books. I find it very sad that Brian Jacques sticks to a fairly repetative plotline of vermin hordes and species stereotypes. This one was written just to show that vermin can be heroes too. Not just some abbey mouse with an old sword. No disrespect is meant to Mr. Jacques and his writing style but it never hurts to try something new.
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Cold Rain by KaneM: [OK]
    Sometimes it's ironic to look at nature from another point of view.

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