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Catch the Knife by Greg Howell
I had this story knocking around in my head and just had to get it out on paper. How would the future handle a world where it's happened before ?
Miavir:See also Light on Shattered Water.
Cat Fancy by Oren the Otter
Tale 114 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Cat Food by Smith Rod
Miavir:A cougar family enjoys a meal together.
      Keywords:Transformation   Violence
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Cat in a Cage by Rodford Edmiston
Graven:E'eysha's origin.
From the Changeling Chronicles.
Cat Operating Manual by Andreas Ramos
Miavir:Maybe not QUITE Furry,... but definitely cute ;-)
Cat Pegasus by Anony Mouse - AdultM: [Mediocre]
Miavir:A pegasus(or something similar) has his way with a princess. Non-consensual.
      Keywords:NC   Fantasy   M/F
 Species:Pegasus   Avian   Centaur
The Cattle King by Watts Martin - Adult
A horror story, set in the lands of Ranea but before the founding of the Empire. Wins my personal award for most disturbing story I've done. Has a gratuitous sex scene, but it's entirely off-camera and you can ignore it if it makes you happier (it's not essential to the story other than binding the two main characters on a deeper level than good friends).
      Keywords:Horror   Fantasy
 Species:Bat   Vampire   Cat
Backup:1 2 3
A Cautionary Tale for Pet Owners by LinnaeusG: [Good]
Graven:A man finds an afterlife he doesn't expect...
      Keywords:Transformation   Fantasy
 Species:Ape   Cat   Inanimorph
Centaur by Tracy - Adult
A Centaur's Tale of Love and Love Lost by Chiron Centaur
Robert: A sad tale of one young centaur living in a human world...
A Centaur Finds a Home by Chiron Centaur
Michael discovers a very young centaur in the woods one day, which forever changes his life.
Centaur Friends by Josh Dugan - Adult
A couple of centaur buddies realize they've grown up!
A Centaur in Gangland by Chiron Centaur
Dennis goes out for a drive in his old truck, and a new crimefighter takes the streets.
Centaur Mania by Josh Dugan - Adult
Centaur Professor by Josh Dugan - Adult
A spectacular centaur stallion informs and then tranforms his class!
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Centaur with a Foot Fetish by Josh Dugan - Adult
One member of this gay couple is a centaur who is into magic!
The Centos Herd by Cheirron - Adult
      Keywords:M/F   M/M   Transformation   NC   Masturbation
Backup:1 2
Certamen by Jim Lai
The world of Allout Helter is an alternate Earth designed for a Live Action Role Playing game (LARP) by my friend Jim Shelley. It's full of magic, monsters, mayhem, battlesuits, computer hackers, secret societies, and open rebellion. Great place to write a story in.
Miavir:The formating is FUBAR.
Chai Lung's Story by Nancy Janda
Miavir:Supporting Story to The Story of Chang Feng.
Chance and Chimera by Conna Stevenson
A sorcerer has taken over America, the president sent into exile. Rising up against this tyrant is Ayme Kelley and her Rebels, a boy named Chance Meridian, and.. a dragon? In this comic-book-like fantasy-adventure series, we follow the trials and triumphs of the dragon Chimaera and her rider Chance, along with friendly mythical creatures and the Rebels led by Ayme.
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
The Change begins by AliCat Tom
What thoughts run through my head when I know I'm about to change?

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