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The Eagle (Whose Wings Were Cut Off) and The Fox by AesopM: [OK]
 Species:Eagle   Fox
The Eagle and the Fox by AesopM: [OK]
Miavir:Also known as 'The Eagle and The Vixen'.
 Species:Eagle   Fox
Early to Sleep by Charles Matthias
One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
Earth Isn't So Bad by Jadyn TzekiM: [Good]
A lone traveler discovers that the small vixen he saves is more than he ever ever expected in a travelling companion. She, on the other hand, learns that she has a lot to learn about the ways of things outside her world. It's a ride neither are going to be prepared for.
 Species:Fox   Kitsune   Skunk   Raccoon
Easter Endeth by Charles Matthias
One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
Easy Money by Phil Geusz
Ancient traditions aren't always nice.
A story set in the Heroes of The Reconstruction shared Universe.
Eating at the Duke's Table by Charles Matthias
One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
Echoes by Jon SleeperM: [Very Good]
This one gets two sets of antlers because it is my favorite of all.

This is a companion story to "Titanic". I suggest you read it first, but it's not really necessary.

I used a lot of sources for this particular story. In addition to those listed for Titanic, The Lore of Ships; which had more information and details about how ships are built than anything I could find. Several books in the Time-Life series The Seafearers: The Windjammers, and The Great Liners most notably.

      Keywords:Transformation   Fantasy   Adventure
 Species:Orca   Beluga   Lion   Dolphin
Eclipse by MegaDog - Adult
A hiker's night-time meeting with a gay wolf turns out to be a major life-changing experience.
      Keywords:Bestiality   M/M
Ecri by Darkcure
Hmm this one... I like the idea for it, but I don't care for the ending. I don't like any endings, because I cant write them! But this one is still pretty neat.
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
The Edelweiss Killer by Phil Geusz - Adult
Raven Blackmane: Edelweiss is the name of a beautiful flower native to some mountainous regions of Europe and Asia ... but there's nothing pretty about the case Detective Bronski is faced with here. More than forty years ago, a mysterious killer went on a murder spree inside the Edelweiss Hotel -- only to disappear without a trace, with no witnesses and no leads. Or so everyone thought. Now, decades later, an ancient and half-mad witness has come forward who could blow the case wide open. But some evils are so hideous, so powerful, that they would be better left unearthed...

(Warning: On a psychological level, this is easily Phil's most disturbing story yet. Dark, compelling, and powerful, it'll keep you thinking for a long time. Those with tender, impressionable minds would do well to exercise great discretion. On another note, Phil delves into some issues here of a spiritual matter that may run contradictory to your own beliefs; Bronski's views, and those of the other characters, do not necessarily reflect my own views, nor those of anyone else. All the same, Phil presents so much to think about, and does it so well, that I still recommend The Edelweiss Killer to anyone who thinks they can handle it.)

Tale 140 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Effects of Rising Too Early by Charles Matthias
One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
Eldritch Hop by Simon Leo BarberM: [Very Good]
The further adventures of the Toho Academy Bunch.
  • Chapter 1
    (Miavir: Looked slightly broken when I tried it. Don't complain to me about it)
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Tales of Toho Academy
     Prequel:Sea Vixen
    El Tesoro de las Sirenas by Indianna Jones
    Raven Blackmane: An old archaeologist has disappeared in the Desierto de las Sirenas in New Mexico, and it's up to his former apprentice and his beautiful daughter to find him. As it turns out, they find a lot more than they expected...
     Species:Ape   Mermaid
    Employment Opportunities by Fox CutterM: [OK]
    Miavir:How can Harold help the proprietor of Spells'R'Us ?
    From the Spells'R'Us Universe.
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Empty Spaces by J. WellsM: [Good]
    Raven Blackmane: It's TBP. It's by Channing. Need I say more? :-) (Actually, I will say a little more. This was Channing's first TBP story; it introduces his main protagonist, Michael Bix.) Enjoy.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7
  • Part 8
  • Epilogue
  • Tale 37 of The Blind Pig Universe.
     Sequel:Entrances & Exits
    Empty War by Calipso Chicken
    Under the guidence of a created timline, this story sets the mood for a future where furries and humans are at war and life is less precious then victory.
          Keywords:SF   Military
    Enclave by Lucian - Adult
    Kelin: The story af a man who wakes one morning finding himself changed in a surprising way...But his altered apperance is nothing compared to the adventures that await him in this continuing story of Lucian, the white wolf.
          Keywords:M/M   M/F
     Species:Wolf   Fox   Lion
    Encounter in the Market by Dan D'Alimonte
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Encounter Under the Moon by Jason RodencalM: [Good]
    This one was probably my most well received and commented on work, as well as the first real work released on "TSA-Talk." At least, as far as I can remember, it was...

    Just how does one go about dealing with carjackings, conspiracies, and werecreatures? Why don't you ask Allan, as he dealt with all of that and more in just one night...

          Keywords:Transformation   Action
     Species:Skunk   Bear   Lycanthrope
    The End by Matt Squirrel

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