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Maybe Someday by Sheena Was - Adult
A small love story about Vince, the flying fox, and Ogun, the okapi. I think it still needs a little work, but I offer it up for criticism and suggestions.
      Keywords:Romance   M/M
 Species:Fox   Okapi
The Meateaters by Coistrel - Adult
      Keywords:M/M   Graphics
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Meetings by Adrian F. VanWormerM: [Good]
Talahran enters the picture.
A story belonging to The Velan Central Library - Terran Annex.
      Keywords:SF   Adventure
Memento Mori by Robert Kocher
Miavir:German text only.
Memorial Day by J. Scott Rogers
First story ever written by J. Scott Rogers. For many people, Memorial Day is just a holiday weekend. For Skorzy, and other veterans, it is an opportunity to offer their personal token of respects to those that didn't come home.
Part of the Tales of the Biorg Universe.
Memories by Cafe - Adult
  • Part 1 - 6
  • Part 7 - 11
  • A story from Water Wings
    Memories of Chalkdust by LoveBear
    Tale 65 of The Blind Pig Universe.
          Keywords:Slice of Life
     Species:Bear   Ape
    Mentalnet by Michael Vogel
    Miavir:German text only.
          Keywords:German   Gargoyles
    Mentem Vim by Sky RoninM: [OK]
    Miavir:In a very strange future, a doctor helps a very unusual patient, and ponders on the ethics of the situation. Unfinished (I think).
     Species:Tiger   Fox
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    A Merc's Life by Galen
    Set in the future, where Magic and Science mix and death is a constant visitor. A group of merceraries uncovered a plot that defines explantion. The worst part is the unknown involvement of one of their own.
          Keywords:Action   Violence   Military
     Species:Otter   Wolf   Ape   Fox   Mouse
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Merlin meets ISO9000 by Allen KitchenG: [Very Good]
    Graven:An ISO9000 inspector makes an unannounced visit to check Merlin's procedural documentation.
          Keywords:Humor   Transformation   NC   Fantasy
     Species:Ape   Toad
    The Mermaid's Song by Meg Taggart
    The Reader's Corner: Meg says that, despite her own deep died romanticism, she is just as glad as the captain of La Sirena (The Mermaid) that the "horrors of Christmas-tide" are over. If you enjoy a faint flavor of romance and the liberties that Xena Warrior Princess or Hercules, The Lengendary Journey's take with history and the language of the day, then you'll enjoy this fantasy-adventure offering.
    Message From Beyond by Chris Hoekstra
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Messenger of the Guardians by Atara
    The Acini village moves to its wintering grounds and receives a message of the future.
     Prequel:The Joining
    Messiana by Rasputch - Adult
          Keywords:M/M   M/F   Violence   Rape   Humor
     Species:Mouse   Cat
    Metamor Keep by Copernicus
    Jon Sleeper: I've always liked fantasy universes. This particular story universe (created by Copernicus) is the first sword-and-sorcery kind I've been able to write in. Please email the creator for details if you're interested. In the meantime, I hope I've filled in enough backstory in the stories themselves to make them interesting.
    Miavir:Please note that most of these stories are currently offline due to legal issues dealing with copyrights.

    Tales of Metamor Keep (arranged in approximately correct reading order, I hope ;-)
    Long Live the King
    Metamor Keep
    Speed of the Light Fantastic
    For Knowledge's Sake
    Writer's Guild
    Alone in the Dark
    Lurkers in the Keep
    Storm Watch
    Like the Sky
    Artificer's Gambit
    Sunny Breaks
    The Alchemy of Love
    The Fight that Never Happened
    Coyote Delivers
    Tail of a Young Wolf
    Playing With Fire
    Fool for a Day
    Welcoming Committee
    'Tis the Season
    Hoof and Claw
    Sea Breeze
    Support Group
    Facing Knight
    Evening Stroll
    Especially Disappointed
    Errands and Editors
    A New Season
    Equinox Arriveth
    A Small Repair
    The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Grasshoppers
    The Secrets in Truth
    Winds of Destiny
    Entertaining Thoughts of Eucharist
    Effects of Rising Too Early
    Eating at the Duke's Table
    Long Beneath the Keep
    Easter Endeth
    Early to Sleep
    Writer's Conference
    Admissions and Applications
    Arduous Tasks
    Attacking Cossack
    Best Friends's Burden
    The Hunt
    A Place Where There Is No Darkness
    A Long Patrol
    Keeping the Lamp Lit
    Duke of Metamor?
    Faith, Trust and Hope
    Withering Days
    Cloud Seeding
    Battling a Tree
    Raining Cats and Dragons
    Idle Afternoon
    Increasing Winds
    The Forgotten Realm
    Busy Schedule
    A Little Diddy
    Annual Checkup
    Conquering a Dead Man
    Dancing with Shadows
    Full Circle
    A Shoving Match
    Perceptions of Evil
    Cat and Mouse
    In the Tower
    Somehow Here Again
    Declarations of Allegiance
    Snips and Snails
    Aging Gracefully
    Live and Let Die
    Delights and Diversions
    Message From Beyond
    Friendships and Other Things
    False Winds
    Rites of Ascendancy
    Visits From Home
    The Privilege of Serving
    Encounter in the Market
    House of Secrets
    Hunters and Hunted
    Lutin Memoirs
    A Lie Conceived
    New Beginnings
    Political Intrigue
    Left Out
          Keywords:Fantasy   Transformation   Adventure
    Metamor Keep by Copernicus
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Metamorphose by Michael Vogel - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Miavir:Die geschichte eines gegen seinen willen veräderten.

    German text only.

  • Der Anfang
  • Das Erwachen
  • Die Untersuchung
  • Die Metamorphose
  • Abschluß
  • Das Ende
  • Schlussbemerkung
  • Index
  •       Keywords:Transformation   German   NC   Romance
    Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories by Miavir, Graven, Anony MouseG: [Very Good]
    Graven:THE definitive furry story index.
    Miavir:Graven seems to be a fan of recursion. Oh well.
          Keywords:Anthology   Non-Story
    Michelle by Multibreast - Adult
    A woman uses some magic clothing in hopes of receiving the body of her dreams, but instead encounters some strange side effects. (Features multiple breast content)
    Miavir:Due to the nature of the site, you may want to turn off image loading (or turn it on, depending on your own nature ;-)
          Keywords:Transformation   Weird
     Species:Minotaur   Lobster
    Mico's Story by Constance Cochran
    Miavir:Background info on the Mico character. Also contains artwork (by Kanthara).
    This character background vignette belongs to The Third Rainbow.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure   Graphics
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