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Mobster mash by Rebecca A. Rudeen
In which the Pooch Patrol fights crime.
Story 1 of the Pooch Patrol.
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Mod_lava by Alacious
Jason Lehrer: Another one of Alacious' thankfully unique I.D.I.C. contributions.
Story 49 of the I.D.I.C Multi-verse.
 Species:Gerbil   Golden Eagle
Modus Vivendi by Roofshadow - Adult
A story from Water Wings
Moldred The Malcontent's bio by Moldred
  • Chapter 1 : Big Vinny takes a walk
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  •       Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure
     Species:Tasmanian Wolf   Cat   Tiger   Weasel
    Molly's Story by Christine Morgan
    Miavir:Background info on the Molly character.
    This character background vignette belongs to The Third Rainbow.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure
     Species:Ape   Dinosaur
    Backup:1 2
    Mond.Schein by Peter Brandstätter
    O'Wolf: a rather unique werewolf novella. Every additional word about it would be a major spoiler. Sadly it is available in German language only.
    The Monster in the Closet by Brian Eirik CoeM: [Very Good]
    A father protects his daughter from the monsters in her closet in a most unusual way.
    Montreal Winters by Jason Lehrer
    A tale that occurs somewhere around 2010, about SCABS racism in Quebec.
  • Part 1   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 2   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 3   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 4   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 5   Backup: 1 2
  • Tale 67 of The Blind Pig Universe.
     Species:Labrador Retriever   Avian
    Moon Dancer by Red Darkpaw - AdultM: [Very Good]
    While working on master's degree a student is tossed into another universe similar to our own with startling consequences. This story is adult in nature and anyone under 18 is advised not to read it.
    Miavir:Note the backup links are to the unfinished copy on Furry Pleasures.
  • Part 1 : Moon Dancer
  • Part 2 : Awakening
  • Part 3 : Decisions Decisions
  • Part 4 : Freedom
  • Part 5 : Dancer Reveled
  • Part 6 : An Exchange of information
  • Part 7 : The Ties That Bind
  • Part 8 : Life and Discovery
  • Part 9 : Healing Magic
  • Part 10 : The Ending or Just The Beginning
  • Epilogue
  •       Keywords:Slice of Life   F/F   M/F   SF   Masturbation   Oral
     Species:Arctic Fox   Bobcat
    Backup:1 2
    The Moondog by DustyWolf - Adult
    This story may contain graphic sexuality between creatures of known or unknown species, genders, races, or creeds. You have been warned.
  • Part 1   Backup
  • Part 2   Backup
  •       Keywords:M/M
    Moonfur by Paul Lucas - AdultM: [Very Good]
    A desperate hunter and a starving Wolfling form an unusual pact...
          Keywords:Fantasy   Transformation   Romance   Furry Freedom
     Species:Wolf   Ape
    Backup:1 2
    Moon Goddess by Elan RuskinM: [Very Good]
    The Greeks say she was patron of hunters and woodsmen.
    The Moreau Project by Jim Lai
    My undergraduate senior English project. This is the working title of a novel manuscript I've been working on that combines a lot of my favorite subjects: biology, science fiction, computers, and furries. Check this one out and let me know what you think. This work is currently in progress, and kind of a long download, even for a text file.
    More Human Than Human by Chris HoekstraG: [OK]
    A jackal and a lynx share a drink and debate just what going feral really means.
    Tale 110 of The Blind Pig Universe.
          Keywords:Slice of Life
     Species:Jackal   Lynx
    More Than Just a Failure by Will A. Sanborn - AdultM: [Very Good]
    A human research scientist is forced to euthanize a fox morph, a tragic victim of a genetic-engineering experiment gone wrong. While not directly inspired by the song, I couldn't help but think of Rush's "Natural Science" while I worked on this story.
    Illustration for "More Than Just a Failure"
    Drawn by E. K. Goya. The sad deed done, Dr. Jensen holds the body of Todd in his arms.
          Keywords:SF   Graphics
    Backup:1 2
    More Than Power by Bret Larwick
    An original short story which also takes place during Nighthawk's ten year voyage back to civilization after punching through the frontier. Drift, Arrien, and Dextre must fend off an Yzelian attacker who has penetrated the colony ship's defenses.
    One of The Nighthawk Adventures
    The Morning After by Will A. Sanborn - AdultM: [Very Good]
    An experiment with writing homoerotica: a fox tries out his first time with another male, his close friend a snow leopard.
          Keywords:M/M   Romance
     Species:Snow Leopard   Fox
    Backup:1 2 3 4
    Mortal Danger by Bob Stein - Adult
     Sequel:Black Mood
          Keywords:Transformation   NC
     Species:Raccoon   Satyr   Unicorn   Donkey   Ape
    Mortar by Feech
    MouseFox by SwampRat - Adult
    2 lovers in a world similiar to a set of books I read once.

    Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.

     Species:Mouse   Fox
    Backup:1 2
    Mouthpiece by Lisa Jennings - Adult
    A little stroke-fic about the draconid Dz'Isu.
     Species:Dragon   Demon

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