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a Witch on Christmas Eve by David J. RustM: [OK]
Miavir:A wiccan ponders his religion, and finds an unusual resolution.
Withering Days by Magus
One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
Wizard3 by SwampRat - Adult
Another Wish fulfillment Story.

Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.

Miavir:A boy buys a wish from a Wizard,... and gets something slightly different from what he wished for.
Wizard4 by SwampRat - Adult
A series of pieces and trains of thought.. Who says Demons aren't fun? M/M, Goat/Canine Demons

Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.

Wölfe und anderes friedvolles Getier by Markus Pristovsek
Probleme? Nicht ein einziges!
Miavir:German text only.
      Keywords:German   Transformation
Wo kommen wir her? by Michael Vogel
Markus Pristovsek: Eine noch im Werden begriffene Geschichte über den Weg eines jungen "Draks" aus dem Mittelalter seines Dorfes in die Neuzeit seiner Welt.
Miavir:German text only.
  • Die Frage
  • Vorbemerkung
  • Drak
  • Auf der Suche
  • Barmos
  • Arridos
  • Triadon
  • Camp
  • Die Weihe
  • Chandos Dorf
  • Zhad
  • Frantika
  • Nachbemerkung
  • Index

  • Die Expedition
  • Vorbemerkung
  • Prolog
  • Flucht
  • Zwischenspiel
  • Aufbau
  • Inhalt

  •       Keywords:German
    The Wolf, the Fox, and the Ape by AesopM: [OK]
     Species:Fox   Wolf   Ape
    The Wolf and the Fox by AesopM: [OK]
     Species:Wolf   Fox
    Wolfhood by Gorfydyd Sionnach - Adult
    Wolfhood is a story about a young wolf's coming into wolfhood. It is a story I have had mixed comments about from people...the majority of people seem to think it is great but one person didn't like it...anyway see what you think.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2 : Chewsday
  • Part 3 : Pacing the Temple
    The story about the young wolf Ralph's training to become an adult continues. One of the females that watched Ralph yiff Jen show him around the temple, but it does not take long till she asks him to mount her. After the two wolves have given oral pleasure to each other, the young wolf once again gets to know the pleasures from yiffing a girl.
  • Part 4 : The Third Day
    After learning how to please both males and females with his tongue, and how to make a female cum by mounting her, it is now time for the young wolf Ralph to be mounted by a male for the first time. But he sure is surprised when the one to enter his virgin tailhole isn't a wolf, but a lizard...
  • Part 5 : The Lower Chamber
  •       Keywords:M/F   M/M   Oral   Teen
     Species:Wolf   Lizard
    Wolfie2 by SwampRat - Adult
    A photographer and a Horny Canine

    Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.

     Species:Wolf   Ape
    A Wolf in Samurai's Clothing by Lara Bartram - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Once a school laughing stock, now Tatewaki Kuno is an honest to God teenage werewolf.
    Miavir:The page pointed to often references to 'Lemon' content, it seems that what they're talking about is about what Furries usually mean when they say 'Yiff' ;-) I've been told that this usage dates from a set of soft-core cartoons that aired under the name 'Creamy Lemon', and after a while, the term 'Lemon' developed it's own life, just like the 'happy sort of sound a fox makes'.
          Keywords:M/F   Violence   Anime   Slice of Life   Ranma½
    A Wolf in the fold by Mat Charles - Adult
    Fiddling around with the human condition and looking at some of the ways SCABS can hurt a person.
    Tale 36 of The Blind Pig Universe.
    Backup:1 2 3
    A Wolf In The Fold by Jonathan Brothers
    There seems to be a rash of dog killings in New York City, what could be going on and how can we stop it? Basically I really wanted to write a werewolf story, and after seeing a couple of moves and motivating myself, I got around to writing one. So enjoy!
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Wolf in the House by Brian Eirik Coe
    A young reporter confronts a newly elected Senator about some anonymous pictures...
    The Wolfpack by Maureen - Adult
          Keywords:M/M   Rape
    Wolf Pet by Gregg Abbott - Adult
    Being kept like an animal by a Zephenidian is no walk in the park.

    Content Warning: Violence, non-explicit sex

          Keywords:Violence   SF
    A wolf removing sheep's clothing by KillJoy - Adult
     Species:Wolf   Sheep
    Wolfstar by Gorfydyd Sionnach - Adult
    Wolfstar is my main project...a story about a human who crashes onto an unknown planet and gets a pleasent surprise...this is nowhere near finished...there are many more parts to come!

    Miavir:There are more parts of this story on Gorfydyd's homepage, but his server keeps switching the URL randomly about once a day and I flat out refuse to point a link at them while they do this.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2 : Renaissance
  • Part 3 : Celebrations
  • Part 4 : The Ceremony
  • Part 5 : The Path of Tar
  • Part 6 : Kel's Plight
  • Part 7 : Caged Madness
  •       Keywords:M/M   M/F   Orgy   Oral
     Species:Ape   Bear
    A Wolf Tail by SwampRat - Adult
    Miavir:A story in progress. Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.
    Wolftaur2 by Scott Guthrie
    The continued story of Walenka and Aliandra.
     Prequel:Winter of the Wolftaur
          Keywords:Fantasy   Weight   Graphics
     Species:Wolf   Wolftaur   Lemming

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