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Wolf Tips by B.B. WolfM: [Very Good]
Allan Kitchen: A newsletter to Lupines living close to humans. Hillarious.
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
The Wolf Who Came In From The Cold by Mat Charles
A story in the style of a fable, about, well, a wolf who comes in from the cold.
Backup:1 2 3
Wolves6 by SwampRat
This one is about another Recruit, Also on Guard duty.. Short, and Yiffy :>

Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.

      Keywords:M/M   NC   Masturbation
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
Miavir:Another of those wonderful classics ;-)

More of the Oz series may be found at The Online Books Page.

 Sequel:The Magic of Oz
      Keywords:Fairy-Tale   Fantasy
 Species:Lion   AI
Wood Chuckin' by Richard Reid - Adult
The old tongue twister got stuck in my head and this popped out.
Woof! by OtrstfM: [OK]
A friend in some difficulty calls for a favor.
Working by LoveBear - Adult
A story of the Anthrology universe.
Workplace relations by Michael Barnes
Miavir: Don't look at me like that, I didn't miss part 11, it's just not there.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7
  • Part 8
  • Part 9
  • Part 10
  • Part 12
  • Character Profiles
  • One of the Stories of the Sabrinaverse.
    Workplaces by Bluefists - Adult
    WARNING! Hey watch it there's stuff in here not for young'ns... dont wanna make any more warped kids like myself... so if you're underage get lost. Or at least I can't be blamed for any warping of your young minds. Also this has material involving all male furries engaged in sexual activities (as the legalists would say) so if you're uncomfortable with that... by all means don't continue. Oh btw this is my first posting and also my first sexually oriented story so I would greatly appreciate feedback. Thanks.. and enjoy the yiffing contained within! (m/M)
          Keywords:M/M   Teen
     Species:Fox   Bear
    World in Flux by Terry Spafford
  • Excalibur #103.5
  • Special Edition Sleepwalker
  • Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
    A World of her Own by Rodford Edmiston
    A rescue operation is mounted.
    Tale 3 of The Gifted Saga.
     Species:Centaur   Cat
    The World of Terath: Background by Tanith TyrrM: [OK]
    A world background for the World of Terath stories, novels and RPG gaming system. See also fantasy.rpg.live for the live-action gaming system, world.of.terath.rpg for the basic gaming system, and Tanithtyrr.txt for a list of text files and fiction.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Non-Story   RPG
    World of Terath: The Fantasy System by Tanith TyrrM: [OK]
    A gamer's companion to the World of Terath novels and stories. Also see: fantasy.live.rpg for the live-action system. See Tanithtyrr.txt for a list of World of Terath stories, novels and gaming aids.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Non-Story   RPG
    Worlds Apart by Dave Savitsky - Adult
    This is my current project. I just kinda work on it when I have the chance. Don't really have too much of an idea where it's going at the moment. I just have a few scenes and plot ideas that I know are going in, but as to how far down the road that's going to happen, I couldn't say. I just make it up as I go along. I guess it's sort of my own little story about acceptance for who you are and that kind of thing. Although it is also my venting point for sexual frustrations, so there are some furotic scenes in it too. I do, however, have those chapters marked.
  • A quick Foreword
    (Vital? No. Helpful? Maybe.)
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2 & 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
    (Mild sexual references)
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10
  • The whole damn thing so far   Backup: 1 2
  •       Keywords:M/M
    Worldwide Dispatches by Brian Eirik Coe
    A stand alone story set aboard a 747...
    Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
    Backup:1 2
    Worm Trails by Terry Spafford
  • Part 1   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 2   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 3   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 4   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 5   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 6   Backup: 1 2
  • Story 12 of the I.D.I.C Multi-verse.
    A Worthwhile Pursuit by Oren the Otter
    Tale 115 of The Blind Pig Universe.
    Wounds by Watts MartinM: [Very Good]
    Published in WildLife APAzine #1 and Caffeine Quarterly 2-3 as a short serial, this is the second story with Jemara the vampire bat (and the first one featuring her that actually has a plot). No ratings warning other than profanity, and as a local friend said, "Like, this is real intense." It is.
     Species:Bat   Vampire
    Backup:1 2 3
    The Wreck of the Amanda K by LoveBear, Ben Goodridge, Gary Bernard
    Sometimes it doesn't take much to destroy everything you've ever known.
     Sequel:Heart's Dream
    A Writer by Kazin
    I had writer's block bad, so I turned it into a story. It's either written by me, or the main character in All Things Change, Justin, depending on how you look at it. It certainly applies to both our lives.
    Tale 96 of The Blind Pig Universe.
     Prequel:All Things Change

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