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The Keth-Ka and the Tems by Skye Bluedeer - Adult
Two civilizations, sharing the same island. One advanced, the other primitive. A moral story of sharing.
Khiar's Voyage by NightCat - Adult
This is my first 'space' story. It's about a lion-morph who's experiencing some disappointment with the opposite sex, and doesn't know where else to look for satisfaction... even though one of his fellow crewmembers does. It also includes a three-way with two males and a female in chapter three.
      Keywords:SF   M/M   M/F   Orgy
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Khiray of the River (Khiray vom Fluß) by Ronald W. Klemp
A Novel For The Furrys.
Miavir:A work in progress.
Server in Germany with English and German version.
Backup Backup Server in Germany Has only German version.
Server in the States Has only English version.
      Keywords:German   Fantasy   Adventure
Kim by Phurvert - Adult
This is a bit of a story I have had in my brain for years. It started out as a comic book idea that never materialized. Now as I see all the interesting stuff on the net I began to think "why not me?" Maybe this will get me motivated enough to actually draw this up. Although my art abilities are just a hair better than my writing's, I figure most people would rather look at the pretty pictures than read something. Anyway, about this story. Kinda about a girl, kinda about a guy. Kinda one of those furry freedom pieces, but more like what the furries do with that freedom once they have it. The story is set in the somewhat distant future, a time when man has become extinct at the hand of the furries. The Earth is of course heavily damaged by the wars, and living on it is quite a chore. But it is starting to heal and life is again thriving on its surface. But Earth is not the only place where life is thriving. Before the wars humans populated many other planets nearby. Although now devoid of human life, their slayers now inhabit the planets.
  • Prequel
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  •       Keywords:M/F   Romance   SF   Humor
    Kindred Spirits by Jeff Lewis - Adult
    It's hard to find the right mate when you're a werewolf - let's face it, most women aren't going to find a guy who tends to get really furry and had very bad doggie breath that attractive.... But for every man, there's that one special kindred spirit...
          Keywords:M/F   Bestiality   Transformation   Orgy   Oral   Voyeur   Masturbation
     Species:Werewolf   Ape   German Shepherd
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    King Kong's Daughter by David J. Alway
    Here's a story about an unusual young lady with a very unique ancestry.
    Kings Of Rainmoor by Chris JohnsonM: [Very Good]
    The Kings of Rainmoor, in which Jinx, a creature who had never fit in anywhere, must save a King, stop an assassin, and learn things he did not realize about himself.
  • Jinx Outside Rainmoor
    Introducing Jinx- and introducing Jinx to Rainmoor, and to his purpose.
  • Inside Rainmoor
    Jinx gets used to his new home, or tries to- and finds a new friend.
  • Settling In
    Jinx is told a story by a book- and continues to meet ever-more-disconcerting friends.
  • Hail, Monster, Well Met
    Jinx meets friends of friends, who meet friends of his, and finally decides to set out and see more of Rainmoor.
  • Lord Peter's Tour
    Dramatis Personae- Jinx meets many other people of all sorts, venturing out into Rainmoor.
  • Honor to the Living and the Dead
    Things begin happening entirely too fast...
  • The Lonely Place
    Interlude with Vernon- then Jinx has to face Elanor, and the truth about how he's been treating her.
  • Aftermath
    Jinx, and his friends, get together and try to sort many things out.
  • Black Tie and Tails
    While all of Rainmoor gossips over the current events, Jinx and Elanor are invited to dinner at Peter's.
  • Dead of Night
    Jinx visits the Lonely Place... and then, late at night, visits another First Lord...
  • Entangled
    Darkness, and desperate plans to hold off disaster...
  • King of Rainmoor
    Unmaskings- and the revealing of the True King of Rainmoor.
  • Screenplay Sample
    This is just an experiment. It's being included for the heck of it, and for the purpose of handwaving- to try and demonstrate that writing for the screen has to be visual, but that writing visual doesn't mean endlessly specifying lenses and lights and cameras, it means saying what is shown, and saying how it's shown, in broad bold strokes.
  •  Sequel:Ghosts of Rainmoor
          Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure   Mystery   Script
     Species:Tiger   Panther   Dragon
    Kitsune by S. R.M: [Very Good]
    Miavir:(Spoiler Alert) A short story about a Boy and his (imaginary?) Kitsune Companion. (If you're in america, try if this server is quicker).
    Backup:1 2
    Kitsune Reunited by Xarctic FoxM: [Good]
    From the Spells'R'Us Universe.
          Keywords:Romance   Transgender   Fantasy
     Species:Kitsune   Ape
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Knight of the Dragon by Jason Nyte
    A human prince impresses a dragon with his sense of honor.
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    A Knight To Remember by Kurt Cagle
    Miavir:A not quite serious look at the tale of King Arthur and the Sword in the Lake.
          Keywords:Humor   Fantasy
    Könnten wir Ihren Dosenöffner haben? by Markus Pristovsek
    Zuerst kommt das Essen!
    Miavir:German text only.
          Keywords:German   SF   Humor
    Krater L14 by Josef Jahn
    Starts like "White Fang", ends like E.T./Outer Limits. German only.

    Also available in Word Format with some rendered pictures. Theres even a Music disk to go with the story.

    Kyo Meets Sukhe by Sheena Was - Adult
    Part of the Xenosexual Series. Mostly written around Christmas time. Sukhe and Kyo meet and fall in love. :)
          Keywords:Romance   M/M   Oral   Anal
    Kyreeth by Wolphin
    Here be dragons, black dragons at that...

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