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Blocks by Jonathan Brothers
This story takes place eight years after the Green Orb hit the earth. What would you do if you had no idea what you were going to transform into. A student is faced with this problem as he tries to gather the courage to ask a girl out and face his fears.
 Prequel:Green Orb
 Species:Lion   Panther   Taur
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Blood and Thunder by Brian Eirik Coe
The sequel to "Just Because You're Paranoid", taking place about one year after the end of the original story.
 Prequel:Just Because You're Paranoid
The Blood Bath by Anony MouseM: [Bad]
Miavir:This seems to be a satire on "The Bath" by Gary Akins Jr.. Whatever it is, I don't recomend it, and only have it in this archive because to do otherwise would be Censorship.
      Keywords:Parody   Slice of Life
BloodFang by Aurus Rhyanis
Indigo and Iridium BloodFang fight for their lives.
      Keywords:Action   Adventure
Blood of Retribution by Edwin L. jr. Wilson
A shapeshifter story; getting even with the eco-criminals, one at a time
 Species:Cougar   Lycanthrope
Blue-eyed Diamond by NightCat - Adult
A short love story of a white feline named Cilain (another version of Ci), and how he meets Areago, a white tiger. My first 'serious' furry story, and, some say, one of my best. Lots of emotion, and first-time experiences for both.

A gay erotic sci-fi story. This was originally written for a friend of mine, someone with a lot of fire, who stuck with me even when I wasn't an easy person to deal with. He inspired me to write this, and I want to thank him for making me think enough to do it. He knows who he is, I believe.

 Sequel:Cilain's Thoughts
 Species:Feline   Tiger
Backup:1 2 3
Blue and Frampy, a short story by Blue Heeler SunFire
Blue remembers traveling with a fox named Frampy and finds a history book somewhat based on him.
 Species:Wolf   Fox
Blue Bear, Blue Bear by Allen Kitchen
Blue Horizon by Ted R. Blasingame, Steve Carter, Eileen BlasingameM: [Good]
Illustrations for "Blue Horizon"
  • Season One
  • Drug Running
    Merlin hires a new pilot/navigator, as the ship is about to deliver pharmaceuticals to another world. As they near the edge of a nebula, a pirate ship attacks them, but they manage to outwit the other ship and escape with minimal damage. Upon arrival at their destination, they are met by a former crew member, who Merlin has rehired.
  • Unexpected Partners
    To counter further pirate attacks, Merlin looks into purchasing military-class weaponry that isn't normally offered to commercial transports. As an extra measure, Pockets builds a mobile sentry system to roam the ship. Merlin discovers that the armaments he wants are costly, not in credits, but in trade. The Blue Horizon must deliver industrial machinery to an outlaw world, in tandem with a long-time rival.
  • Out of the Frying Pan
    While the Blue Horizon is on the outlaw world, Pockets sneaks off-ship against and becomes lost in the city. When Merlin comes looking for him, he discovers that the raccoon was shanghaied by the the Queen of the pirates. On board the pirate ship, the captain tries to persuade Pockets to join her crew.
  • Vexed of Kin
    On their way to their next destination, a stowaway is discovered on board, who generally makes a nuisance of himself through the rest of the journey. Engine problems develop during the voyage and the ship is discovered by the Firedogs, a space-faring rescue ship that offers help, and provides a bit of havoc as well.
  • A Little Liberation
    Samantha and Pockets discover a starving young canine slave while on leave and stow him away on the Blue Horizon. While in a restaurant, Durant sees someone that resurrects faded memories from the past. When Merlin discovers that the slave was smuggled aboard, it takes an effort and cunning to defuse the situation.
  • Lost, Distant World
    A supernova far off in space prompts everytone into believing that the furthest planet of the Alignment has been destroyed. All communication is lost from the faraway world and rather than investigate, the Alignment chooses to write off the lost world because of the extreme distance. Samantha's adopted family was there and she is frantic to find out if the rumors of the destruction are true. The Blue Horizon makes the three-month one-way journey in hopes the rumors were wrong and the world is still there.
  • Dragon, Wolf & Tiger
    Due to the birth of her kittens, Sparky makes a career-changing decision which affects the crew of the Blue Horizon. A well-known fusion rock band known as Dragon, Wolf & Tiger hires the ship to take them as passengers during their long journey back toward the Planetary Alignment.
  • Vixen's Nightmare
    A well-known fusion rock band known as Dragon, Wolf & Tiger hires the Blue Horizon to take them as passengers during their long journey back toward the Planetary Alignment. En route to Kantus, a report on the Interstellar News Network tells of a major catastrophe in Taro's hometown, on the heavy-gravity planet Hestra. When it is discovered that the disaster was caused by a wanton act of terrorism, the remainder of the voyage is nearly more than the fox can take.
  • The Blood of Aris
    A faulty circuit jettisons the ship's cargo and the Blue Horizon must stop to replenish the supplies they were delivering. The local monarch invites the crew to the palace and while there, the king's youngest daughter becomes infatuated with Merlin. Upon leaving the planet, the Blue Horizon is given an important set of documents.
  • Blue Horizon Down
    An infamous pirate ship attacks the Blue Horizon as it nears a delivery destination. The captain is bent upon inflicting death upon Merlin Sinclair and his vessel. The Blue Horizon is dealt a serious blow and has to make a treacherous emergency landing.

  • Season Two
  • Life's A Beach
    The crew of the Blue Horizon spends a day at the beach while on Pomen and a few new friends are made.
  • Up From The Ashes
    Merlin and his crew must make some important decisions concerning their future in the business of interstellar freight transportation. In the process, they are visited by a friend, who brings along something they need, though not before some changes in the crew roster have been made.
  • The Easter Bunny
    The ship's new cook settles in and gets aquainted with a few of the crew.
  • All The Luck
    While on shore leave, Tanis and a friend get lost in a forest and fall into more difficulties.
  • Lost Behind the Wall
    In a hotel room between deliveries, Maximillian experiences the horror of a grisly discovery.
  • Hidalgo Sun
  • The Mystery of Walkabout
  • The Assassin
    First installment of the "Heir Apparent" trilogy. A new presence has begun terrorizing the galaxy, and when the Blue Horizon makes its first trip to the new Planetary Alignment member Argeia, they become informed that not all is as it should be or appears. Then, tragedy strikes on the planet Sillon.
  • Cold Fire
  • The Deaths of Gods
  • The Deaths of Gods : Special Edition

  • Data Files
  • Crew Data
  • Worlds of the Planetary Alignment

  •       Keywords:SF   Graphics
     Species:Wolf   Fox   Raccoon   Border Collie   Leopard   Fennek   Lynx   Husky   German Shepherd   Bear   Rabbit   Mouse   Cheetah   Lynx
    Blue Summer Sky by XoYoM: [Good]
    A Blind Pig Vignette.
    Tale 121 of The Blind Pig Universe.
    The Blues Warner Brothers by Richard Manning
    Sylvester Xavier Fox: Cast parody of 'The Blues Brothers', featuring Animaniacs characters.
          Keywords:Animaniacs   Parody
    Body by Harmani by Phil GeuszG: [Very Good]
    Graven:Marissa wants a designer body... for herself. Set in the Love Carrot Universe.
          Keywords:Transformation   SF
     Species:Ape   Rabbit
    Bolt by Arthur J. Pearson
    Boy grows wings. Boy hides wings. Tabloid reporter finds boy. The fun begins. Unfinished.
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    The Bond by Hedonism - Adult
          Keywords:BD   Transformation
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Bonds by Charles Matthias
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Boo-bylon 5 by Terry Knight
    A short crossover between Babylon 5 and Animaniacs. What is the truth behind Ambassador Kosh?
    Boojum2 by SwampRat - Adult
    Afril finds a lover in a rainstorm.

    Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.

     Species:Rabbit   Fox
    Boojum3 by SwampRat - Adult
    Continued romance of Afril and Boojum.

    Extreme adult content. Read at your own risk.

     Sequel:Foxina, Boojum, and Afril
          Keywords:M/M   BD
     Species:Rabbit   Fox
    The Book by David Piccola
    The number one rule about attics - if you find something old there that looks like it's magical, leave it alone! Two teenage boys learn the hard way what happens, otherwise.
    Boots and Saddles by Christian O'kaneG: [Good] M: [Good]
    Brian Eirik Coe: You thought you had problems?
    Story 4 in the Passing Fad universe.
          Keywords:Military   Humor   Transformation
     Species:Ape   Horse   Centaur   Wolf
    Borderlines by Greg HowellM: [Good]
    They'd been wondering if there was intelligent life out there. Finding it came as a bit of a shock. Work in progress set in the Godsend universe.
    Miavir:Seems as if Greg is gonna keep writing this by extending the sample :-/.
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  •       Keywords:SF   Torture
     Species:Ape   Taur

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