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O' Come All Ye .... by Mark Van Sciver
Miavir:Christmas at the Blind Pig, and other places.
Tale 21 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Oasis by Two - Adult
 Species:Wolf   Fox
Objects by Fox Cutter
Objects is one of the more intersting stories I've done. Re-writing once so far, it's about a human and a dragon, and a trip they take together over a single week. The reasons behind each one for this trip are some times clear, other times hidden.
The Odd Couple by Jason Thorn - AdultM: [Very Good]
A human private investigater and a cat-like alien "hunter" are forced to work together on a case involving a series of gruesome serial murders.
      Keywords:SF   Romance   Detective
Off His Noggin' by Wanderer
Raven Blackmane: A humorous little bit by the Lupine Boy's beloved Alpha leader. Wand gets a little tipsy one night at the bar, but it's not from alcohol...
Tale 42 of The Blind Pig Universe.
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Of Furs And Furies by Ralcor
A threat of mass destruction has been made, and the clock is ticking. Can millions be saved before the time runs out?
 Species:Otter   Arctic Fox
Of Staffs and Rods by JadeFox - Adult
      Keywords:M/F   Violence
 Species:Tiger   Fox
Oh Dear by Skip Ruddertail - AdultM: [Good]
My first "released" furry story. Beware! This story contains some yiffing. In other words, if you are upset by two otters havings sex, or are under 18, Don't go here! If not, come on in!
Backup:1 2
Old-Fashioned Bullets by Todd G. Sutherland - Adult
I wrote this story, about a race of slave anthro mice, who are created by, and escape from, Red China, only to take over Vancouver Island, as a tongue-in-cheek effort to collaborate with fellow furry creator, Steve Corbett. Nothing came of it beyond this rather salacious story, and the accompanying notes about "zarnicans", the anthropomorphic mice.

      Keywords:M/F   Detective   Oral   Public
Backup:1 2 3
Old Dreams Kept by Todd G. Sutherland
When I started off seriously as a furry writer and artist in the early 90s, one of the projects my partner Chuck Davies and I tried to interest Antarctic Press in was "Perimeter Post 5" (they went for our cutesy "Mangy Tails" stuff instead). This is a story of one of the soldiers, a young rabbit named Aurora, in the days before she joined the Rubinsel Army.
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Old Evils by Lee I. Shapiro - Adult
Some forms of evil never learn how to die.
Old Habits by Earl Bacon
Cindy, Cassie's bassist, deals with an old but serious alcohol problem.
 Prequel:Sound Of Love
 Sequel:Out of the Past
      Keywords:Music   Graphics
 Species:Red Fox   Snow Leopard   Gray Wolf
Old Soldiers by Ray Dillinger - AdultM: [Good]
This is set at Huntress Station. It introduces the Priestess, Craig 27A Carpenter, Brother Julius in a cameo role, and Wiley Stearn. Basically, it's about old soldiers, coming to grips with each other and the memories that haunt them.
A story set in the Heroes of The Reconstruction shared Universe.
      Keywords:Military   SF
On a Hot Summer Night by Atara
A lupine prostitute gets what she needs. (It's a rather gruesome joke. Do you get it?)
 Species:Wolf   Ape
Once a Month by Anthony Robertson - Adult
Well, shouldn't any wannabe SF/fantasy/furry writer at least try a werewolf story? 10500 words, which technically makes it a novelette as opposed to a short story, but don't avoid it just for that. Read it and you'll find much better reasons, I'm sure...
      Keywords:Romance   M/F   Transformation   Gothic
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
On Distant Shores by Bryan ChaneyM: [OK]
The story of Wilford, a grey wolf studying in a distant land.
Miavir:Set into the world of Apprentice Inept.
One Day by Archer Justin Wolff - Adult
One last Night by Fox Cutter
Tale 39 of The Blind Pig Universe.
One Life Too Many by David Piccola
My attempt at a detective story. Tried to mix action, plot, humor and romance in an urban setting. Feedback welcomed, unless it is electronic, and thus it will hurt my earsies. :)
 Species:Wolf   Porcupine
One More Day by Rodford Edmiston
Miavir:Marian must deal with some of the consequences of her change.
Tale 2 of The Gifted Saga.
 Species:Centaur   Cat

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