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Sex and the Modern Snake by FeechM: [Good]
Miavir:Learning to live with a changed lover.
Tale 70 of The Blind Pig Universe.
      Keywords:Transformation   Slice of Life
 Species:Ape   Snake
Sexy Mousie by Sapphire - AdultM: [Very Good]
Miavir:Sapphire has something to ask her lover.
      Keywords:F/F   Romance   Oral
 Species:Leopard   Mouse
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Shades of Grey by Cafe - Adult
Images:Illustrations for "Shades of Grey":
The Flag of Barovia
  • Prelude
    You can't teach old Sables new tricks
  • Part 1 & 2
    Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
    Pushing up the Daisies
  • Part 3 & 4
    Opportunity Knocks Only Once but Temptation Kicks the Door Down
    Abandon All Hope Ye who Enter
  • Part 5 & 6
    Ships that Pass in the Night
    Suffer the Children
  • Part 7 & 8
    How does your Garden Grow?
    Everyone Knows Where They Buried the Hatchet
  • Part 9, 10 & 11
    The Wages of Sin
    Know Where Your Skeletons are Buried
    With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?
  • Epilogue
    The Sins of the Father are Visited upon the Children
  • A story from Water Wings
          Keywords:Adventure   Graphics
    Shading's SICK! by Osidermon
    A Squarglings story.
    Shading's Speech by Teal
    A Squarglings story.
    Shadow's Box by FeechM: [Good]
    Shadow tries to go on with his life after his transformation.
    Tale 68 of The Blind Pig Universe.
          Keywords:Slice of Life
    Shadow of Oblivion by Ollie Canal - Adult
    Miavir:A dark story of a young lutrai slave who breaks his chains, yet can he break the chains of his own mind ?
          Keywords:Violence   Fantasy
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Shadows and Light by Nathan Cooper - Adult
    This hopefully ongoing series is based in the Chakat universe created by Bernard Doove, so I recommend you have a look at his page as well, especially the more recent stories he's written. It tells of the adventures of StarShadow as a pilot aboard the exploration ship Joseph Banks.
  • Retribution
    Just before the Banks is due to leave the orbit of Chakona on its latest tour of duty, a heinous crime and tragedy will rock the galaxy to its very core.

  • Part 1   Backup
  • Part 2   Backup
  • Afterword   Backup

  •       Keywords:Adventure   SF   Romance   Slice of Life
     Species:Chakat   Bat   Cheetah   Wolf
    Shattered by Jason Thompson - AdultM: [OK]
    Miavir:Very short and sad.
    A Shattered Pane of Glass by Charles MatthiasM: [Very Good]
  • Chapter 1   Backup
  • Chapter 2   Backup
  • Chapter 3   Backup
  • Chapter 4   Backup
  • Chapter 5   Backup
  • Chapter 6   Backup
  • Chapter 7   Backup
  • Chapter 8   Backup
  • Story 5 of Barken, TX.
    Shawn by Skye Bluedeer
    What has happened? A character by the name of Shawn discovers himself in what might be Heaven. But is Heaven what he expected it to be? Maybe, maybe not, but this is the author's view of what the afterlife might be like.. it's all tied into the whole story, believe it or not.
    Shdellow by Todd G. Sutherland - Adult
    A spacefarer learns something about the nature of humanity from his companion anthropomorphic cat.

    From the 'Poomba' timeline.
    Backup:1 2
    She by Sharpfang
    A dream. Dark and odd. A mare. No sex. Love and pain.
     Species:Horse   Ape
    Sheep in Wolf's Clothing by The ANTIcarrot - Adult
    This is my current long term project.I can't tell you much with out giving away to much. It is, (or rather it will be when finished), a novel which charts the beginning of a relationship (is that obscure enough?) between two parallel worlds. But I haven't got that far yet. Reading the first chapter will help.

  • Verbal Movie Trailer   Backup
  • Prelude   Backup
  • Chapter 1 : Holding a tiger by the tail . . .   Backup
    (From the tiger's point of view.)
  • Chapter 2 : . . . and letting go   Backup
    This is, I'm sorry to say, the worst part. I plead watching one too many episodes of ALF. But it does get better!
  • Chapter 3 : Out of the frying pan . . .   Backup
  • Chapter 4 : Curioser and curioser   Backup
  • Chapter 5 : The morning after the night before   Backup
  • Chapter 6 : Welcome to Camp Triconda
  • Recovery   Backup
    A 'Sheep in Wolf's Clothing' Story fragment
  • Feelings   Backup
    After a long time spent wrestling with the plot, I have decided that 'Feelings' will not and never can be a part of 'Sheep In Wolf's Clothing'. However I shall leave it here for anyone interested in a little low grade smut. For those of you interested in high grade smut, be aware that I am now working on mark II. ;-)
  •       Keywords:SF   Romance   M/F
     Species:Wolf   Ape
    She Knew That The Hand Was Upon Her by Daniel J. DrazenM: [Very Good]
    Sonic fans have definite opinions about crossover stories (where Sonic et al. find themselves in situations and interacting with characters from another video game, film, or TV series): they either love the idea or hate the idea. I was a little shy about the concept myself until Ken Penders announced Sally's impending death in "Endgame" whereupon I found myself thinking: "A fall from a building--that's not how Sally deserves to die!" So I came up with acrossover story that contains elements of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to depict how Sally SHOULD have died. It also allows me to peer into the future of Mobius a little bit.
    The Shifter by Multibreast - Adult
    A mysterious man uses deception and a strange transformation power to create his own society of transformed beings.
     Species:Mermaid   Satyr
    Shifting Tides by Jason Lehrer
  • Part 1   Backup
  • Part 2   Backup
  • Part 3   Backup
  • Story 35 of the I.D.I.C Multi-verse.
     Species:Golden Eagle   Fox   Lion
    Shimrod by David Ihnen - Adult
  • Part 1   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 2
  •       Keywords:M/M   Teen   Incest
    Shipwrecked by Firedrak Mir'Veran
    A young woman, named Marlene finds herself stranded on an island by herself after the ship she was riding in careens. Her family that was on the boat drowns and Marlene strives to find a way to go on living through her loss. She finally meets someone, though a person that she doesn't expect to see.
     Species:Lizard   Ape
    Shoggoths and Swashbucklers by Simon Leo Barber, Andrew Nellis - AdultM: [Very Good]
    The following 2 stories are part of an ongoing (if slow) collaboration on the alt.sex.cthulhu newsgroup. The story which sparked it off, "Cthulhu Cheerleader Massacre" by one Darcthyus, is NOT one I personally wanted to keep on my hard discs, it was giving Elder Monstrosities a bad name. In my own opinion.
    Miavir:And of course, Elder Monstrosities need all the good press they can get. <smirk>. An unfinished collaboration.
    Tales of Toho Academy
          Keywords:Adventure   Gothic   Horror
    Shopping by Jason LehrerM: [Good]
    Taking Tomara to the mall.
  • Part 1   Backup: 1 2
  • Part 2   Backup: 1 2
  • Story 18 of the I.D.I.C Multi-verse.
          Keywords:Humor   Slice of Life   Romance
     Species:Golden Eagle   Wolf   Velociraptor   AI

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