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Strikeline by Skunkaholic

The Strikeline Tales:
Street Justice
Love Toy
Sole Survivor
Pool Party
Striped for the party by KillJoy - Adult
 Prequel:Stink Cadillac
 Sequel:Country Polecat
      Keywords:M/F   IIMYI   Orgy   NC
 Species:Skunk   Tiger
Backup:1 2
The Striped Quill by James Christopher Goodwin - Adult
      Keywords:Teen   Masturbation   M/M
Strip Tease by Cinnamon DeWolf - Adult
Just what the title says.
 Species:Wolf   Fox
Struggles between head and heart by jonwI - Adult
This one's inspired by an old Humphrey Bogart movie... And my kids think just because its in black and white that it can't be a good movie...
A story from Water Wings
 Sequel:A Small Diversion
Study Session by Tony Greyfox - AdultM: [Good]
Erik and Colin meet for the first time while researching common interests in the library.
 Sequel:Auction Night
      Keywords:M/M   Slice of Life   Romance   Anal   Oral
 Species:Skunk   Raccoon
Backup:1 2 3
The Submissive by Ben Goodridge - Adult
The island's Alpha, Geoffrey, intervenes in an abusive D/S relationship between Willard and Morris.
      Keywords:M/M   Anal   BD   Rape
Subway Ride by Spectrum Fox - Adult
      Keywords:M/M   Exhibitionism
 Species:Fox   Skunk
Sulishros and Kojadi by Leigh Husband Kimmel
Graven:An earthquake hits a city where a dragon is enslaved.
      Keywords:Furry Freedom   Adventure
 Species:Dragon   Ape
Summer Lovin by Multibreast - Adult
      Keywords:M/F   Transformation
 Species:Ape   Centaur
Sunny Breaks by Terry Spafford
This is a short story I wrote in response to a story by Raven Blackmane called 'Lightbringer'.
One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
Sunrise by Bill GrobeM: [Good]
How one Pride of Furries begins their day together.
 Species:Skiltaire   Ape
Backup:1 2
The Super Collie Adventures by John R. Plunkett - Adult
Look! Out in the pasture!
Faster than a speeding farmbike!
More powerful than "Federated Farmers!"
Able to muster whole flocks in a single bound!
It's... Super Collie!
Standing for truth, justice, and the absence of flystrike!
Illustrations for "The Super Collie Adventures"
  • Preface
  • Episode 1 : Dark Shadows
  •       Keywords:M/F   Superhero   Graphics
    Support Group by Charles Matthias
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Surprise Party by Gorfydyd Sionnach - Adult
    N is a business wolf...and it's his birthday. But everybody has forgotten...or have they?

  • Part 1
  • Part 2 : The Babylon
  • Part 3 : Tonight
    A big bi-sexual orgy with six or seven furs.
  •       Keywords:M/M   M/F   F/F   Orgy   Transformation
     Species:Ape   Wolf   Bear   Cat   Dog   Horse
    Surprising Developments by Jason Lehrer
    Why didn't I see it before!?
    Story 28 of the I.D.I.C Multi-verse.
          Keywords:Mystery   Violence
     Species:Golden Eagle   Lion
    Backup:1 2
    A Surprising Night by Kashra - Adult
    Upon request by somefur that was tired of seeing the little fox get beaten up by the big bad wolf. Zak, a fox, gives a wolf an unpleasant surprise during one of his night ambles in the park.
     Species:Wolf   Fox
    The Sweetheart Clip by FeechM: [Good]
    Raven Blackmane: Scab activist and Lemur Kim DeJong is on the trail of a missing fullmorph Scab. What she finds at a small grooming shop one cold Valentine's Day is something else entirely ... and a vivid reminder that the most obvious cases of SCABS aren't necessarily always the worst...
    Tale 31 of The Blind Pig Universe.
    The Swollen Fox by AesopM: [OK]
    Miavir:Also known as 'The Fox Whose Stomach Had Swollen'.
    The Syrus Chronicles by Craig DelBonis
  • Manual Duty
    The first of hopefully many Syrus Chronicles I hope to write. The whole series revolves around Syrus and his buddies at work, for now. I don't know where I'll take em from there :)
  • The Meeting
    Some meeting are more exciting than others, as you will see.
  • The Betrayal
    AWritten by a friend of mine, Tom, who begged me to put this with my current series. Strange and wild things a' happenin in the ol' cubicle today.
  • Average Day
    A little entry for those of you wondering how Syrus' day starts.
  •       Keywords:Slice of Life   Humor
     Species:Cat   Mouse   Dog   Rhinoceros

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